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Since my son has been away for the funeral, his roommate and girlfriend have been taking turns caring for his dog. Today was our turn. My son’s girlfriend dropped off the dog bright and early this morning. She followed me all over and was clearly confused as to what was happening. Then I had a dentist appointment, so I left her with my sister and mom. A little while later, our friend came over to be with my mom and my sister went to work. When I returned from my appointment, we all went out for a walk. In the afternoon, my son made it back into town and picked up his dog who was very happy to see him. I spoke with my other son who is also away for the funeral with his family and we coordinated their return flight. Later, my mom and I went for a ride to his house. I had pulled his trash can down to the curb yesterday, so brought it back up. Then I checked his mail and the house. He has cameras, so could see me and texted me. That was especially fun for my mom. This day was a good example of how we all need each other and how each of us has something to offer, no matter how small it may seem at the time. I am very grateful for the giving people in my life.

I Found God today in teamwork.

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