Faithful Family

Both my mom and dad went to a doctor today. One was planned, one was unexpected. Luckily, one of my sister’s was able to come and help. She took my dad while I took my mom. Happily, we all reconvened for lunch. Everyone is home tonight and doing well with instructions to follow up. My […]

God’s Faithfulness

Today my mom’s friend came over for a visit and to play piano. While we were chatting, I remembered how people in the city I used to live took care of me and my son. As I told some of the stories such as those who helped with my son’s school tuition, those who replaced […]

Champion for Life

Today I learned of the death of a woman who was the head of a pregnancy center in the town I used to live. I had met her a couple of times, particularly in working with the high school youth group. She made quite an impression on me as she was an incredible presence even […]

Generous Friend

My friend stopped by this afternoon to deliver my recent order. She makes good quality face masks that include the N95 material and offers a variety of fabrics. I have been trying to make sure my friends and family have enough to use on a regular basis. When she started out months ago, she just […]

Grandson Grandfather Outing

The last time my dad got a haircut was shortly after he came home from rehab recovering from the stroke. It was super long by that time and he was so happy to have it done. Now, since the pandemic, we have all had to wait again. His hair grew long once more and we […]

More Meals

My sister came over today with freezer bags of prepared meals. She said she was trying to think of some way she could help out. It was great just to see her and visit for a bit. The fact that she brought food was an added bonus. I was very grateful for her thoughtfulness. I […]

Emulating Workcamp

A neighbor came over this afternoon to do some work on the outside of the porch. It has a stucco covering that has been deteriorating, and the Board of Directors of the complex has been slow in responding to the repair request. So, the neighbor who is our “roofmate” decided to just take matters into […]

Funeral From Afar

A few months ago, my dad’s cousin passed away at 95 years of age. This happened at the beginning of the Covid-19 restrictions. Today, the family held a funeral for him and livestreamed it for others to participate. We were happy to be able to watch. There was a table set up at the front […]

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Today was “mulch day” at the housing complex where we live. Large mounds of mulch were dropped off in the parking lots and residents were able to get what they needed to beautify their garden areas. However, there are many elderly and/or people who are unable to do that kind of work. So, several neighbors […]

Back to Bartering

The other day I ordered groceries and went to pick them up in lieu of shopping in a crowded store, likely with people not respecting boundaries – particularly in preparation for the long weekend. I had planned on trying a new recipe for a cauliflower salad. However, in my groceries, there were 2 ingredients omitted […]