I got my hair cut the other day and my mom commented on how nice it looked. I replied that the curls came back in abundance. She laughed and said she has heard the word “abundance” everywhere lately. She read a morning reflection and it said that God wants to give us good things in […]

Grateful For Sister

Today is my sister’s birthday. I am especially grateful for her today. She was away when mom and I ended up with COVID and stayed away for a little longer at my insistence. She knew how much I was struggling though, so she came back to stay at the house, wearing her facemask the whole time. […]

Outside Benefits

My mom and I were happy to be able to sit outside and soak up some sunshine for a while again today. The other day when we were out, she remembered when she learned about how good it is for you to be outside. She was in 8th grade. She attended a Catholic school, but […]

Exceptional Humility

Tonight we watched the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI. Of course it was attended by cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, heads of state, and lay people. There has been a lot of talk the past few days of his great humility – particularly as he stepped down from his office realizing he was no longer able […]

One of the Good Ones

I was talking to a friend yesterday who told me a story about her husband. He had a very rough drive home the other day with road closures and detours. Just when he thought he was in the clear, he ran over an obstacle in the road that he couldn’t avoid. There was a loud […]

Birthday Saint

Today is St. Nicholas Day and my grandson’s actual birthday. I have always thought it fun that they are the same day. And I have noted how generous he is with his time and ready to help out. It’s just part of who he is – the way God created him. I saw a quote […]

Mutual Respect

Today I stopped by one of my favorite restaurants to pick up lunch. I ordered ahead of time so all I had to do was go in and pick it up. I was very happy about that, as the place was jammed packed. My bag was in the pick-up area ready to go, so I […]

Family, New and Longtime Friends

Yesterday my sister, mom and I went to the Parkinson’s support group. We met my new friend and her mother there. I met them at the grief support group I have been attending. The mother was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and this was the first time they attended this meeting. The larger group broke up […]


I had dinner with friends tonight, which was wonderful. As I thought about our conversations, I realized how many people are struggling in different ways. It is true that we never really know what people are going through unless we take the time to ask and listen. At the same time, I found that people […]

Sister’s Gift

My sister has been struggling – especially since my father’s death. She felt like she was unable to continue with the job and routine that she had, so she quit her job in hopes to start anew. Mom and I invited her to move in here to get back on track. Some weeks back, she […]