Determined Generosity

Today when I returned from my grocery store adventure, my neighbor was outside her garage so I went over for a quick social distanced visit. She and her husband were scheduled to go on a mission trip. However, that got cancelled. So, today they went to Sam’s Club and brought home tons of non-perishables. They […]

A Real Mask

We have been told to wear a face mask now when we go outside of the house for our essential needs to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. My parents and I watched some videos that described how to sew them and how to make some without sewing. My mom sewed for years and […]

Blue Roses

The other day, my nephew contacted me to verify our mailing address and to check what my dad’s favorite color is. Today we found out why. He and his girlfriend sent my dad a gorgeous bouquet of deep blue roses with a lovely note included. None of us had ever seen anything like it. My […]

Offering Candy

We had a great family get together today to celebrate birthdays and send off my brother on his next adventure. One of the things we talked about was the recent Halloween antics. It reminded me of something the priest said yesterday at All Saints Day mass. The church had a “Trunk or Treat” event. Participants […]


My parents and I took advantage of the gorgeous day and went out for a walk. On the way, we met a neighbor who told us of her exciting upcoming trip. She will be going to a small country in Africa that I had never heard of before. When I asked her why, she explained […]

Consolers in the Waiting Room

I took my dad to the hospital for a routine procedure today and had a long wait while he was being tended to. At first, the small waiting room was packed. There was one woman who seemed to be having a particularly difficult time. She was brought in a wheelchair by an attendant who made […]

Across Borders

One of our neighbor’s has been hosting a couple of Chinese teachers in a program where they are learning to teach English. I got to meet and chat with them for a bit. They were very joyful, respectful, and grateful. Today there was a story on the news of our local Fire Department who has […]

Wedding Cookie Table Record

A couple weeks ago a friend told me she was making a trip to a small town in PA where some of her family lives. A lot of people in that area are from Italy and carry out the tradition of having a cookie table at their wedding where guests bring plates of cookies to […]

Carrying the Box

At the complex where we live, the mailboxes are located all in one place. This just happens to be the furthest point from my parent’s home as you can get. It makes for a 1/2 mile total loop. Every evening my dad makes the walk after he feels the mail person has been there. Tonight […]

Skipping the Line

My mom hasn’t been feeling well lately, but today she felt up to making a short trip to the store. Of course, the items we needed were as far away from the front door as you could get. When we got to the checkouts, the lines were pretty long. We stopped in one line and […]