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She Is Beautiful

Yesterday, before the delightful man went his way, he told my mother how beautiful she is. Today, she had a procedure at the hospital. The woman who checked her in complimented her on her lovely silvery, white curly hair. Then she turned to me and said that she looked so good for 86 years old. […]

Smiles To Go

My dad had a test at the hospital today, so my mom and I spent some time in the waiting area. While we were there, an older gentleman started chatting. He told us how he was there to have the battery replaced in his pacemaker. About 6 years ago, his heart was in such a […]

Usual Day

It has been a couple of weeks since my mom’s friend came over for her usual weekly visit. Things have been busy at her house and at ours. So it was good that she came over today. We all got caught up on the latest family and church news. She and my mom played their […]

His Word is Alive

The completion of my first semester of the Bible Course included a test and a reflection. I also had to choose 2 scripture verses to memorize and we shared them in our small group. A couple of days ago, I was reading the daily Mass readings and one of them struck my heart: Hebrews 4:12 […]

Made it to Mass

When my mom woke up this morning, she was not feeling very good at all. Her eyes were dry and painful and she could barely open them. She didn’t sleep very well and was very tired. After she took her pills, I put some eye drops in and she laid down with a warm moist […]

Found the Rocks

I had a couple of available hours this afternoon, so my son and I went on a little hike. I wanted to try a place that was close, but somewhere that I hadn’t been. Online I found what looked like a great option and saw photos of some pretty interesting rock formations. We set off […]

Lessons on the Farm

I talked with a woman today who said she was making a trip to the butcher this weekend. She explained that she lives on a farm and raises goats among other animals. She would be taking many of them to the butchers and getting back over 500 pounds of meat. I asked if she felt […]