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Found the Rocks

I had a couple of available hours this afternoon, so my son and I went on a little hike. I wanted to try a place that was close, but somewhere that I hadn’t been. Online I found what looked like a great option and saw photos of some pretty interesting rock formations. We set off following the directions for the trail head. When we arrived at the place described, we weren’t convinced that was exactly where we should be. I knew where the trail ended up on the other side, so we decided to start there instead. I had been on part of the trail as some ladies and I walk there when it’s nice out during my mom’s exercise class. When we reached the parking area, it was cold and windy, we were both tired, and I was questioning my decision. But, I really wanted to get outside. So, I got myself prepared and we started off. It didn’t take my son and I too long to reach the point where I had normally turned around. Even though it was basically in the middle of the city, it was quiet and serene. The wind even stopped blowing for a while and it actually felt warm. The trail zig zagged quite a bit as we made our way through the valley. At one point I chose a path that headed up some rocks. When we were almost to the top, we stopped and looked around. Right in front of us were the interesting rock formations I saw in the photo. The sun had just set behind the mountains when we were on our way out and the wind had picked up again. It became quite frigid. All in all, it was a great hike – just the right length of time and difficulty, peaceful, I found the cool rock formations, and I spent good quality time with my son.

I Found God today enjoying my time outdoors.

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