Anxiety Prayer

Tonight I was talking with some people about how to stay on a good path in life and keep focused on the love, mercy, and grace that God has to offer. Of course the big answer is to pray. God wants good things for us and wants to help us. He is waiting for us […]

Listening to Him

This afternoon I went out to run some errands. As I headed toward my first stop, I realized I would be going right past the church. I “felt” or “heard” God’s call to stop and spend some time with Him. I argued with myself a bit that I didn’t have time, then remembered that I […]

Jesus, A Friend, and Two Deer

When my son’s best friend died, I went over to my church and scheduled him to be specifically prayed for during the petitions at a couple of Masses. Today was one of them. Mass was at 7:00 am. Even with all my good intentions, I was a little late. I heard the Gospel, there was […]

Respite Retreat

This weekend I was truly blessed to be able to take a personal respite retreat. I was really desiring some time to just be alone and take a little break. As I thought and prayed about the best way to do this, I was reminded of a monastery I had driven by several times that […]

Stay In Day

Today was another day of cool, damp weather and we had nowhere we needed to go. My mom and I were able to get outside for a short walk and breathed in the brisk air. Other than that, I stayed inside in my comfy sweat pants. I cooked some, cleaned some, got caught up on […]

Moments With God

Today I felt blessed to be able to take a few minutes during the day to spend with God – in prayer, in meditation, at Mass, and in the Bible. There were times when anxiety tried to creep into my mind, but these moments of spiritual rest helped me to stay at peace. I Found […]

Found the Rocks

I had a couple of available hours this afternoon, so my son and I went on a little hike. I wanted to try a place that was close, but somewhere that I hadn’t been. Online I found what looked like a great option and saw photos of some pretty interesting rock formations. We set off […]