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Olympic Stories

My mom has been wanting to visit the new US Olympic Paralympic Museum. I had read about it and knew it was outfitted with top of the line interactive technology. We thought it would be great to bring the family. The grandkids were off school and my sons were off work, so we planned the […]

New Year’s Prayer

A friend shared a prayer for the new year that I thought was fitting and beautiful: Thank you God for giving me.   The brand new year ahead.  Help me live the way I should.     As each new day I tread.  Give me gentle wisdom.   That I might help a friend.  Give me strength and courage.   […]

Light Adventure

My mom really enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights the other night and told her friend all about them when she came for a visit. She had never seen the couple special houses that we go to every year. We were surprised at that, so my mom invited her to come out with us and take […]

We Received Communion

Today when my mom and I were checking in to see my dad, the Eucharistic minister came in right behind us to give my dad Holy Communion. We found him sleeping in a chair and were told that he was up and awake all last night. He would respond every now and again and did […]

Plays Well With Others

Today my mom’s friend came over as usual to visit and play the pianos. When my dad and I were looking at the t-shirt catalog, one of the first ones that struck him was one that I purchased for both my mom and her friend. My mom opened hers on Christmas. When her friend opened […]

Our Holy Families

Today is the Feast of the Holy Family. Right at the beginning of Mass, the priest defined “Holy” as something that is set apart for God. It doesn’t mean being a person who lives a perfect life. A Chalice is Holy as it’s only purpose is to hold the Blood of Christ during Mass. Therefore, […]

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was full of unexpected circumstances, laughter, tons of food, and ultimately joy. My sister and brother in law have had a lot going on during the past few months. He had a cancer surgery and just last week had surgery on his back. In the midst of it all, they sold their big […]

Time Reading

When my mom and I arrived to visit my dad this morning, he was in his apartment. One of the caregivers got him ready for the day and was sitting with him. They were looking at his “Jesus Calling” book. The young woman said he had been reading it to her. My heart swelled. Seems […]

Peace is…

Today I read a simple statement that spoke to my heart. “Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of Christ.” So true and can be so hard to realize. It also reminded me of another short saying, “No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, know peace.” I Found God today in the reminder […]

Dad’s Secret Santa

When my mom and I arrived today to visit my dad, they were rounding up all the residents, getting them together in the big dining area. Then they started passing out presents. They had done a Secret Santa from the employees to the residents. One of the girls gave my dad his gift and told […]