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Dad’s Secret Santa

When my mom and I arrived today to visit my dad, they were rounding up all the residents, getting them together in the big dining area. Then they started passing out presents. They had done a Secret Santa from the employees to the residents. One of the girls gave my dad his gift and told him Merry Christmas. He was a little occupied looking at the Christmas cards we brought him, but once he was finished, he opened the box. He received 2 shirts, a world map coloring books with pencils, and a “Math War” game. It seems that the people there have really gotten to know my dad and his interests – travelling and teaching. After he finished looking everything over, we took out the math cards that had addition and subtraction equations and made up a game. I turned over a card and showed it to my mom and dad. Whoever answered the equation first got to keep the card. We played for a while and once my dad got the hang of it, he responded very quickly. Then he told my mom and I a wonderful story about his mom and dad coming to visit him and people thought his dad would know how to play the game since he was a magician. But then his sister figured out how to play and won and left the game there that maybe my dad would win next time. And he learned how to play when he was in England. It was quite a tale, but my dad really enjoyed telling it and was happy to have a captive audience as my mom and I entered into his adventure.

I Found God today in the generosity of the people caring for my dad and the joy he had.

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