Ever Available Presence

As I have been continuing to reflect on my experience at Mass yesterday, it struck me that I was blessed to encounter just a little bit of God’s overwhelming love. While I felt like I received an incredible gift – which I did – I am not extraordinary. God loves each person this intensely – […]

One Step Toward Jesus

My mom, brother, and I were talking this morning about how things are getting more difficult. There is that nagging fear of what is to come. I remembered a thought that helps me. I can’t think about what hardships the future might bring as that will simply rob me of enjoying the present time. Instead, […]

Mercy and Hope

I saw a quote today on social media that touched my heart. The problem is, I can’t remember the whole thing and haven’t been able to find it again. However, the part that I do remember has popped in my head over and over today – show mercy today and have hope in tomorrow. I […]

Carpe Solis

One of my mottos is “carpe diem” – seize the moment. When an opportunity presents itself to accomplish something, take care of something, or do something, I try to take advantage of it. Usually we are able to spend at least a few minutes in the morning sunshine. But this morning was cloudy and cold. […]

Low Key Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve was very low-key, which I expect will continue into tomorrow. Our neighbors came by with treats and sang “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” from across the porch. Another friend had her son deliver a gift to the porch. We went for a little walk and enjoyed the sunshine. After dinner we […]

More Prayer This Year

We attended Mass online again this morning and listened to an additional homily. Later in the day, my dad and I drove up to the church and dropped off the presents we bought for the “giving tree”. Even though we haven’t been able to attend Mass inside the church, we have been doing our best […]

History of Faith

The church I used to work for is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary. We watched the Mass there today as we do most weeks. A gentleman spoke who has completed a history of the church. When I worked there, I was keenly aware of those who had come before me. For many years my office and […]

Everything Stays the Same

My mom’s friend came over today and we usually get all riled up talking about politics and the state of the world. I was reminded of the Bible class I had last studying the prophet Amos. He is known as the “social justice” prophet. He warned the people that their immoral behavior and the their […]

Blessing of Communion

It has been now 4 months since my parents and I have received Holy Communion and even longer since we have been to Mass. After my dad came home from rehab and before the corona virus hit, we were blessed to have an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion come to the house a couple of […]

Beatitudes Now

Today’s Gospel reading is the infamous Sermon on the Mount. As I read the words, I couldn’t help but notice how relevant they are in light of the recent protests. Now, I am not talking about the riots, vandalism, or looting, but of those standing up for what is true, good, right, just, and humane. […]