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To Know Someone

This morning my parents and I were talking about sleeping habits. My mother said when she was younger, she used to sleep with the radio on classical music all night long. When she was about to get married, she wondered how that was going to work out. She decided that she wouldn’t be able to […]

Perfect Timing

A couple of days ago as I was out walking, one of the neighbors came out with his cute tiny white poodle. She is not quite a year old and full of enthusiasm. She was very excited to meet me and as soon as I started petting her, she rolled over on her back so […]

Contagious Joy

A good friend of mine is a Franciscan priest. He has helped me through difficult times and helped me to make some hard decisions. He has some great adventures and I enjoy following them on Facebook. He shows that being a priest is exciting and joyful. Recently he has been in Rome with several others […]

Reflection, Sorrow, and Grace

Today I gathered up all of Goldie’s things that I thought could be used by someone else. I brought most of them to the vet that we met at first – St. Francis Animal Hospital. I thought from the beginning that this was a very fitting name. I spoke again to one of the wonderful […]

Three Little Words

Today I was shopping in a store and when I went to check out, there were 3 ladies behind the counter all just giggling away. I put my things on the counter and the woman who was ringing me up asked if I was having a good day and if she could tell me a funny story. […]

The Old Cowboy Hat

Yesterday my parents and I headed on up to their cabin in the mountains for a couple of days. It had been quite a while since they were able to spend time up there other than a quick trip to make sure everything was still working properly. We were looking through things and I found […]

Homeless Awareness One Step at a Time

An amazing young man I know started off on an adventure today – he is walking from his home in Bow, New Hampshire, to Washington DC. It is all to raise awareness and funds for the homeless. He writes that while volunteering at a soup kitchen, he met a man who served in the military […]

Much Needed Support

I didn’t sleep much last night – kept waking up realizing that Goldie was no longer by my side. When I finally did get up, I tried to start a new routine. Within a few hours I had a wicked headache. I went to Mass with my parents – Pentecost Sunday. It should have been […]

Goodbye to Goldie

My poor old dog has been suffering for a while now, and I have been praying to know how best to help her and/or know when to let her go. She could barely walk any more and I have been doing what I can to get nourishment in her as she was refusing to eat. […]

Phone Call and Mail

Today I was going to the post office to drop off a package and my dad said he had something to mail as well. He put together some information for my nephew who is interested in physics. They had a conversation about the subject last time they were together and my dad wanted to share […]