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Praying in Hobby Lobby

This morning I received a daily inspiration in my email and read it to my dad. As Christians the poor should have a place in our lives. Reflect on these words from St. Augustine, “Give to the poor, I’m begging you, I’m warning you, I’m commanding you, I’m ordering you.” I thought about what it […]

The Heart of the Matter

Today I took my mom to her appointment to have an echocardiogram – basically an ultrasound of her heart. As she laid on her side, the technician moved the wand type device over her heart and the image came up on the monitor. I thought it was amazing. I could see the valves of her […]

The Motorcycle Rally

My brother-in-law has a Harley Davidson motorcycle that he loves to take out when he can. Today there was a motorcycle rally in the city where I live. My sister is really a fair weather rider at this point, so she drove her car to the house last night and we hung out as she spent […]


My sister, mom, and I went to Mass this afternoon. We made it in just after the procession. During the celebration, we noticed several young people in the front few pews dressed in ball gowns and tuxedos. The priest said the young woman dressed in white and blue ruffles with a crown was celebrating her […]

New Little Clothes

My daughter-in-law is going through a very difficult pregnancy. She did so with the 2 boys, but this time it seems to have ramped up a bit. Perhaps it is because she is carrying a little girl. She is now diabetic so has had to change her diet and prick her fingers several times a day […]

Potting Plants

I used to enjoy playing in my garden – gardens actually. I had several spots around my house that would require tending. There was a vegetable garden, a couple of flower beds, flower boxes at the base of the windows, and hanging baskets of flowers besides. I don’t really have a green thumb, but love […]

New Book Fan

My dad was in the Air Force for many years as a meteorologist and space environment scientist. When he retired from the service, he started teaching college which was what he always wanted to do. He wanted to teach a course about space, but found there was no good college text book on the subject. […]

Eggs Benedict

The other day I asked my dad if he could have any breakfast he wanted, what would it be. I intended on making it for him for Father’s Day. He thought for a moment and answered, “Eggs Benedict.” I was deflated. I apologized to him and said that I thought that one was out of my […]

The New Dentist

One thing that is difficult about moving is having to get new medical insurance and new doctors. After doing as much research as I could stand, I finally said a prayer and chose a doctor and dentist that I thought made the most sense. Now, I am not a very big person and have had […]

Here For Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! It has been probably 18 years since I have spent this day with my own father. And this year, 4 of the 5 children in my family were here to celebrate the day. I don’t even know how long it has been since that has happened. My dad was up early, came out […]