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The Motorcycle Rally

My brother-in-law has a Harley Davidson motorcycle that he loves to take out when he can. Today there was a motorcycle rally in the city where I live. My sister is really a fair weather rider at this point, so she drove her car to the house last night and we hung out as she spent the night. My brother-in-law made the hour drive this morning. He visited for a bit, then headed downtown to the rally. My sister and I met him there a little later. Now, I have never been to a motorcycle rally before and had a bit of a pre-conceived notion of what I might encounter – big, scary, tattooed men looking for a fight and thin scantily clad, tattooed women. I know – very judgmental of me right off the bat. The street was closed with vendors lining the sides. When a group of riders would enter, they were able to ride down the street and out, so it was a continuous parade. While there were some big tattooed men and thin tattooed women, there was a huge variety of people and just as many different motorcycles. I loved watching them all drive by. We walked the street and checked out the tents. There were plenty of vendors selling leathers, jewelry, and patches. There were also several motorcycle clubs represented. Among them were groups that helped abused women and children, raised money to battle cancer, supported Veterans, and a Christian Motorcycle Church. My favorite was a club called Soldiers For Jesus. They handed out little stickers that said, “got Jesus? it’s Hell without Him!” I looked at their website when I got home and enjoyed reading about the group and how they really go against the pre-conceived notions that I myself had about what a motorcycle group might be. I love it when God points out to me that I can be so wrong in my judgmental thinking. It keeps me humble.

I Found God today in the uplifting groups of supportive people at a motorcycle rally.

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