My sister, mom, and I went to Mass this afternoon. We made it in just after the procession. During the celebration, we noticed several young people in the front few pews dressed in ball gowns and tuxedos. The priest said the young woman dressed in white and blue ruffles with a crown was celebrating her “quinceanera”. This is a traditional celebration of life and gratitude to God on the occasion of the fifteenth birthday of a young Hispanic woman. The ritual emphasizes her passage from childhood to adulthood. The priest said some of the prayers in Spanish, which I thought was pretty impressive. At the end of Mass, the 15 year old made her way to the microphone at the front of the church where she renewed her Baptismal promises and consecrated herself to God and to Mary. Then she placed a bouquet of flowers at the feet of the statue of Mary. I thought it was awesome that a family made faith such an important part of this moment in their daughter’s life. And to see all the teens there dressed up and supporting her was beautiful. I also appreciate the diversity I have seen in different celebrations at this parish. The priest makes a point to be as inclusive as he can.

I Found God today in witnessing a faith-filled quinceañera celebration.

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  1. there is still hope


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