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New Little Clothes

My daughter-in-law is going through a very difficult pregnancy. She did so with the 2 boys, but this time it seems to have ramped up a bit. Perhaps it is because she is carrying a little girl. She is now diabetic so has had to change her diet and prick her fingers several times a day to check her blood sugar. She also now has to have a non-stress test done twice a week. I am glad she only has a few weeks left to go! Of course I worry about her and pray for her often. I was doing so this morning as I was out for my morning walk. I came across a couple of houses just putting things out for their garage sale. It looked like there were some decent items, so I went back home, got my money, and went back. I found some practically new baby clothes that I scooped up and brought home all the while praying for my daughter-in-law and new granddaughter. I washed up the new clothes and my parents and I ooohed and aaaahed over them. I am so excited to give them to her.

I Found God today in being more at peace with my daughter-in-law’s struggles after finding cute little clothes and spending time in prayer.

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