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Potting Plants

I used to enjoy playing in my garden – gardens actually. I had several spots around my house that would require tending. There was a vegetable garden, a couple of flower beds, flower boxes at the base of the windows, and hanging baskets of flowers besides. I don’t really have a green thumb, but love getting out in the dirt and seeing what I can make grow. Now living in a condo community, there is a small area next to the house that has tons of irises, a large rose bush (and 2 small ones), and many bushes. There is no place for a vegetable garden and restrictions on what you can plant, how, and where. When I found out that it is alright to set out some potted plants and flowers, I got pretty excited though I have never done that before. While my dad was looking through a catalog of video courses, he found one that specifically taught about planting in containers. He bought it  and my mom and I have been watching it. Today we headed to the garden shop and picked out some plants, keeping in mind all we had learned. When we got home, I filled up 2 pots of flowers, basil, and spikes and put them at the base of the steps to welcome people. I watered them like crazy and they looked pretty happy. A few hours later I heard some loud noises outside. I looked out the window and to my horror saw quarter size hail plummeting from the sky. I ran out and moved the pots under cover. That was a close one! And so it begins. I am happy to have some flowers to care for and excited to see how they grow.

I Found God today in the joy of being involved in nature.

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