Turtle Helper

A couple I know went on vacation and stayed on a beautiful ocean beach. Today, the husband told a story of one of his experiences. One morning he got up early to take pictures of the sunrise. Once the light hit the beach, he saw lots of tracks in the sand leading to the water. […]

Starting the Day With Joy

I started my day at the YMCA and the aqua aerobics class. It is never easy to get out of bed to make this happen, but it is so worth it when I do. This morning we used pool noodles as one of our “weights” to challenge our muscles and balance. It is difficult to […]


Tomorrow we begin another season of Lent. I read a meditation this morning, “Open your heart, open your mind, and open your soul to the miracles God wants to work in and through you.” – Matthew Kelly. This was definitely an encouragement to get ready for Lent. I have seen so many opportunities that will […]

Voice of Humility

Today I read a verse in scripture in which John the Baptist is telling the people that he is not the Christ, but Jesus is. John’s whole purpose was to point people and prepare them for Jesus. He uttered the words, “He must increase; I must decrease.”┬áThose words touched my heart. I Found God in […]

Drowsy Heart

This past week, I met with my prayer group. We read and discussed the Gospel reading for today – the First Sunday in advent. I heard it at church this morning and we read some of it at dinner tonight as part of a reflection. Each time, there was a particular phrase that stood out […]

Struggle From the Beginning

A few weeks ago, I began attending a Bible class and we started at the beginning in the book of Genesis. Tonight in my small group, we discussed the basic human nature of good and evil, faith and sin. One person noticed that God promises redemption from the beginning and gives us (people) the opportunity […]

Theresa’s Toffee Takes Off

My sister has been struggling trying to find a new job and getting very discouraged. Many people have been encouraging her to start her own business selling her amazing coffee toffee. She finally decided to pursue the idea and has been working day and night for weeks to prepare for her first big event. She, […]