Change of Seasons

We had left up all the Christmas decorations in the house for our family Christmas and everything celebration. It has been snowing on and off for several days, so it has really felt Christmassy. But it was time. Today my brother and I took down all the decorations and packed them away. I told my […]

Another New Doc

Mom has an appointment today with another new neurologist. It’s been difficult since her past one retired and we haven’t trusted the one she’s been seeing. This doctor was a speaker at one of the Parkinson’s Support group a few years ago. I was glad a friend mentioned his name and that he was taking […]

Catechism in a Year

I started missing my Bible class a while ago, but at the same time I have not wanted to start a new course. Then I learned about the Catechism in a Year by Ascension Press. It is a daily podcast led by Fr. Mike Schmitz who I have been a fan of. Starting from the […]

Lord Bless You

Yesterday a friend sent me a New Year’s prayer: “May the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26. It is one of my and mom’s favorite scriptures. […]

Only To Trust

Other than getting well and trying to trust in God, I have no resolutions for the upcoming year. This year in particular has taught me that I’m better off if I don’t anticipate or have expectations. But that’s not meant in a negative way. One quote that struck me today was by Henri Nouwen, “If […]

Made It

My sister started her first full week of working remotely from the house. When my brother was here some months ago, he started setting up a nice work space in the basement. My sister added some of her components and that’s what she’s been using. My mom and I barely heard her until she would […]

Another New Doc

It is very hard to a good neurologist who has good knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. We were blessed to have one of the best in the city for a few years after changing doctors several times. Unfortunately, he retired. But he recommended one of his colleagues. We saw her for the first time today. She […]

Sister’s Gift

My sister has been struggling – especially since my father’s death. She felt like she was unable to continue with the job and routine that she had, so she quit her job in hopes to start anew. Mom and I invited her to move in here to get back on track. Some weeks back, she […]

Watching Over Us

Today is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have a prayer app on my phone called, Hallow. Today started a 33 day devotion to Jesus through Mary that will finish with a consecration to Mary. Basically, a person entrusts themselves to the protection, guidance, and intercession of Our Blessed Mother. […]

In The Follow Through

My mom didn’t feel well today, so we participated in Mass with Fr. Mike Schmitz online. The Gospel reading was about the person who questioned Jesus about how to get to Heaven. He basically knew the answer – love God and love your neighbor. But he pushed further asking Jesus who exactly is my neighbor? […]