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Prompted to Pray

My mom’s friend came to visit today, play the piano, and have lunch as they do on Tuesdays. My brother visited my dad this morning, so it was nice to have some normalcy. In our conversations, we talked about how God makes us aware of His Presence in so many circumstances. My mom’s friend receives a booklet with different and specific prayers for each day. On the day that she learned about my dad’s stroke, her prayer book included intentions for people who have had a stroke. I would say that is more than coincidence. And to know that there were probably hundreds of others who had the book and said the prayer too really touches my heart.

I Found God today in His prompting to pray for stroke victims.

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Don't Hold On

There is a daily reflection that I received a couple of days ago that I have left in my inbox so I can read it over and over again. I need to remember this not just every day, but it seems every second of every minute of every day.

“Don’t hold onto anything. There is nothing that you are holding onto that is safer in your hands than in God’s.” Dr. Greg Bottaro from The Mindful Catholic

I Found God today in a reminder that He is safely holding everything.

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Spiritual Food Arrived

Yesterday my dad was wondering if the TV in his room had EWTN so he could watch Mass today. I reviewed the list and it did not. However, we do have the capability of recording programs on the system at the house. I found how to work it on my computer pad and recorded today’s Mass on EWTN. I brought the pad when my mom and I visited my dad later this morning and we all gathered around. We watched most of it and turned it off when my sister and her husband came. A few minutes later, a Eucharistic minister came with Communion about the time it would have been happening on the program. Dad asked if she had lunch. She said she had spiritual food. It was beautiful to receive Communion there with the small group of my family. As soon as we finished praying, lunch came. The timing was perfect.

I Found God today receiving His spiritual food.

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Grateful for Help

My travelling brother and his dog rolled in a few days ago. He decided to come back for a while knowing I needed help. Today was a perfect example of that. My dad called from the rehab at 6:00 this morning needing clean pants. Meanwhile, my mom was awake and exhausted as she’s not sleeping well. My brother took clothes to my dad and stayed most of the morning with him while he did therapies. I was able to stay with my mom and try to help her relax, rest, and sleep without getting completely off schedule. Also, my sister came for the weekend and did some cooking and listened to me vent for a while. It all worked out very well. I am more than grateful for the help.

I Found God today in much needed help.

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New Perspective

My dad has about 2 weeks left to go in the rehab facility and let’s just say he’s not thrilled about it. He has made amazing progress during the past week and the therapists feel confident that they can help him get to a higher level. We see both physical and mental improvement each day. The therapists, doctor, and nurses explain that they want him to go home safe and strong. But my dad just wants to go home, which I completely understand. We were able to have a little heart to heart talk today as I told him how far he has already come and less than 2 weeks ago, we couldn’t even get him to wake up. He wanted to know more about that, so I slowly recounted the events of the past 2 weeks. He listened carefully and asked questions. He didn’t remember most of that time and didn’t realize that he was in such a bad way. At lunch we sat in the dining room. Another man was there who had his leg amputated. We met him before and he likes to talk to whoever will listen. He said they added another week onto his stay and wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. I told him my dad can understand that. He said he has been in many hospitals and rehabs and that this place was the best – the staff is great and so attentive. He said he knows you need to take advantage of the therapy you get while you’re in there as when you get home, you’re basically on your own. My dad smiled and shook his head. With all he heard today, he said he now had a different perspective on the whole thing.

I Found God today in a new perspective.

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Rehab Workers

I think that it takes a special kind of person to be a therapist, nurse, CNA or any other medical worker in a rehabilitation facility. Today and every day, they are right there ready to help my dad with anything he needs or wants. They work with him patiently and lovingly, offering encouragement at every step. They help him with all his personal hygiene. They transport him to where he wants to go. They make sure he is eating good food. They bring him warm blankets at night. The list goes on. And they do this job for countless other people day after day with a smile on their face. Furthermore, as they work with people to help them get to their highest level of function, they are not necessarily met with appreciation. I do believe they are amazing people and I am very grateful for them all.

I Found God today in the wonderful people working with my dad.

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Blessing of Neighbors

The little complex here where my parents live started a prayer group. They have been praying for my dad and family since the stroke. This afternoon we found a card left by a neighbor and brought it to my dad. Tonight we listened to a voice mail left by a neighbor on the phone to just let us know that she was praying for us and loved us. These small things are so uplifting.

I Found God today in the blessing of neighbors.