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Fun Family Fourth

This afternoon we got together with much of the family for lunch. I don’t have a grill, but my son does, so he cooked up some burgers and hot dogs and brought them over to add to the rest of the food that everyone prepared. My daughter in law made a beautiful and delicious cake. I bought some red, white and blue flowers the other day and a festive fiberoptic wand thing was included. We set that on the porch as we watched fireworks in the neighborhood. It’s always good to get together with family. It was also fun to watch the fireworks.

I Found God today celebrating another 4th of July.

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Wonderful Childhood

My sister, my mom and I were talking about our childhood today. My sister and I reminisced about going outside to play all the time. Most of the time we didn’t have a specific time or purpose, we would just go outside and play with whoever was there. And the other kids did the same thing. My mother said she had a great time as a child too. She and her friends would play outside all the time as well. They had a great neighborhood in the German area of town. Her family was German, but not everyone in the community was. However, everyone did their best to learn to communicate with one another. She said that every Friday night her whole extended family would get together at a local pub for the Fish Fry. She named and counted 9 kids and 8 adults in 4 families. The men would play cards, the women would talk, and the kids would play the piano and play games. I realized that even as things change, the joy of just getting together with others is beyond time.

I Found God today recalling childhood fun.

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Baby Hawk

We have been keeping a close eye on the hawk’s nest in the tallest pine tree in our yard, but are unable to see directly into the nest. They have it tucked away and hidden pretty well. The other day, I talked with one of the neighbors who said she had a clear view of the nest and could see one baby bird. Since then, we have been able to catch quick glimpses of the little downy white baby bird when the angle is just right. All of our bird watching really paid off today. As my mom, sister, and I sat outside for lunch, we saw and heard a lot of commotion in the nest. In a few minutes, an adult flew out of the tree. A little while later, there was more movement and my sister said she could see the baby bird’s head popping up. I grabbed my camera, watched, and snapped a few shots. When we looked at them on the computer, we could see that the baby has been growing quite large. It’s wings are very big and have full brown adult feathers. I got a couple photos of it standing on the nest and stretching them out. It is fascinating and exciting to watch this nature episode unfold right before us.

I Found God today seeing the baby hawk as it grows.

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Morning Rosary

I have a fairly regular prayer routine. However, to me sometimes that can become monotonous or rote. I recently got the “Hallow” app that has lots of prayer options. So I started this morning with a scriptural rosary. It was led by Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus in “The Chosen”. He speaks with a lot of emotion and influction. I was able to pay close attention and go into a deep prayer. It was a beautiful way to begin the day.

I Found God today starting in deep prayer.

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Rain Tranquility

This afternoon we finally got a nice thunderstorm. The first ones of the season are always a little bit of a surprise. It lightninged and thundered and rained. After dinner when it quieted down, my mom and I decided to go for a walk. Just as I was about to bring her walker down the stairs, it started sprinkling again. So, we sat on the porch. It was very tranquil to watch and listen to the rain.

I Found God today in the tranquility of rain.

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Impromptu is Best

Yesterday my mom and I hoped to go to a concert, but my mom’s back was hurting so much, we weren’t able to. Today she had an appointment first thing this morning, then the rest of the day was free. Thankfully, she was feeling much better and even had some energy after her appointment. So, we went out for an early lunch, bought some fudge, and had a little walk in one of our favorite parks. Later in the afternoon we sat outside, watched the hawks in the tree, and visited neighbors. It was so nice that we had dinner outside. And we caught our first real glimpse of the baby hawk in the tree. It was another take life as it comes day and it was a really great one.

I Found God today in an impromptu day.

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That Shoulder

My mom woke up this morning with terrible backache. After a little investigating, I found out it was her upper back in her shoulder blade, not in the usual spot on her lower back. It was so bad that it hurt her to walk. We got after it right away with Tylenol, lidocaine patch, and plenty of rest. By bedtime it was feeling much better. I was so glad, and of course my mom was really happy.

I Found God today in quick relief for my mom.

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I saw this today and thought it was the only “opinion” I have seen this far that makes sense.

Just because I feel like no one has said it….

To the woman who is pro-life,
You are loved beyond measure

To the woman who is pro-choice,
You are loved beyond measure.

To the woman who is on the fence,
You are loved beyond measure.

To the woman who is heart broken from being told she is unable to have children.
You are loved and created for a purpose.

To the woman who is excitingly pregnant with her fifth child even though her family says it’s “irresponsible”
You are loved and created for a purpose.

To the woman who found out the child inside of her would cost her her life and chose to abort,
You are loved and created for a purpose

To the woman who’s world has been turned upside down when her child’s heart stopped beating inside her womb,
There is endless unconditioned love for you

To the woman who is on the bathroom floor looking at two pink lines after running from their abusive partner.
There is endless unconditional love for you.

To the woman who has to make an impossible decision when she was told her child was not forming properly and was in extreme pain.
There is endless unconditional love for you.

To the woman who’s abortion haunts her everyday,
There is grace and incredible love for you.

To the woman who was raped and found out she was pregnant and decided to not carry the child.
There is grace and incredible love for you.

To all of the woman who had to make a choice to bring life into the world or to end it and to the ones who were not given a choice. I hope you know that His grace and love is endless for you.
Regardless if people say your choice was “right” or “wrong” and with all the hatefulness on both sides. I hope you know that you are loved by the savior of the world. He understands your pain/grief/worry/doubt/ and every other thing you had to go through. And you are priceless and endlessly loved in his eyes. And mine. (I apologize for those who told you different)

You are loved beyond measure.

Woman. Imperfect. Sinner loved by God. #prolove

I Found God today in a beautiful sharing of love.

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Called for Freedom

There were a couple of lines in the scripture reading this morning that really stood out to me. “For you were called for freedom, brothers and sisters. But do not use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh; rather, serve one another through love. For the whole law is fulfilled in one statement, namely, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
But if you go on biting and devouring one another, beware that you are not consumed by one another.

I Found God today in a particularly relevant reminder.

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In Our Hearts

Yesterday was the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today was the Solemnity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Is it coincidence that yesterday the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and that today new gun laws were passed? In the words of President Biden,  “I know there’s much more work to do, and I’m never going to give up. But this is a monumental day. God bless us with the strength to continue to work to get the work that’s left undone done, and the lives lost that can’t be saved that obviously are gone but will be an inspiration for us to do more.” He was speaking strictly about the gun control laws, but in my opinion, those same words are appropriate for the Supreme Court decision. Yet, somehow, people are once again thrown into a frenzy. I wonder why we as human beings can’t come together and recognize the basics of humanity and each person’s right to simply survive. Why is it difficult to see the person next to us with respect and value? I feel it is a heart problem and I feel God is once again trying to get our attention. I, myself, have felt overwhelmed and anxious over the past week or so. But, as usual, God shows up right on time. I started listening to a book reading that popped on the “Hallow” app. It is titled, “Searching for and Maintaining Peace” by Jacque Phillipe”. The goal of the book is to help each one of us to live with a peaceful heart, because it is only then that we can truly love God, one another, and do good. Statements that stood out to me were from John 15:5 Jesus said, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.”  “All the good that we can do comes from Him and Him alone.” We can pass and overturn many laws, but our hearts must be connected to Our Creator to make a difference. Tonight after dinner we read the reflection from the Word Among us. This is what it said in part, “Mary did the one thing God wants each of us to try to do when anxiety looms; she “kept all these things in her heart.” (Luke 2:51)… In her immaculate heart that was free from pride and selfishness…We may not have pure, immaculate hearts like hers,…we can still bring our anxiety to our heavenly Father and ask him to help us make sense of them.” It ended with the perfect prayer, “Immaculate Mary, help me keep my heart as peaceful as yours was.” Our world needs peace. I need peace. And I am grateful that God offers that to each of us. I believe it truly is the only way we can make a positive difference.

I Found God today in His offer for a peaceful heart.