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Better Than Being There

My parents have season tickets to the local philharmonic symphony. The concert was this afternoon, but they just weren’t up to the adventure it would be. They gave their tickets to a friend. About an hour before the concert was to begin, we remembered that it may be broadcast on the local radio station. Then we received a message from their friend who said that it would be. When it came time, we turned on the radio, got comfortable and listened to the program. My parents enjoyed most of the performance and were glad they didn’t make the trip.

I Found God today enjoying a virtual experience.

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Today I had a chance to take a few hours away from the house. I started at the YMCA and swam a few laps, then enjoyed some time in the hot tub. I had not seen any friends for many weeks now, so I had lunch with one and met another to take a walk in the gorgeous weather. Spending the time helped to rejuvenate my spirit and give me a different perspective.

I Found God today being able to rejuvenate.

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Rescuing Each Other

Tonight my family was talking about the time I fell into a lake. My mom’s parents owned a cottage on a lake in Wisconsin. We would visit from time to time and always loved going out on the dock to see what we could see. One time, when I was about 4 years old, I was on the dock leaning over to see some fish and fell in. I remember it vividly. I saw a fish, the long, stringy kelp, and a leg of the dock under the water. Although I was in shallow water, it never occurred to me that I should try to stand up. My parents’ said that they were sitting in the grass watching us kids. My dad was holding my sister who just a baby. When he saw me go in, he quickly shoved my sister to my mom, ran onto the dock and pulled me out. He noted that it was a good thing he did, as now I am here caring for them. I guess I am returning the favor.

I Found God today realizing how God cares for us to care for one another.

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Hugging Again

My daughter in law had surgery last week, but has been recovering well. The operation was in her abdomen so she has had to be very careful not to do anything to irritate the incision. We chatted tonight and she said she was bored, but feeling pretty good. She said the best part was that her 4 year old daughter could now give her a big hug. It really is the little things that matter the most.

I Found God today in my daughter in law’s appreciation for a hug.

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Counting Blessings

This morning, I read a quote that stuck with me through the day, “In a society that has you counting money, pounds, calories, and steps, be a rebel and count your blessings instead.” Lisa Heckman In the afternoon, I was able to go to a caregiver’s support group. The people there lived this statement. Although everyone has difficult circumstances, people were able to vent, laugh, encourage one another, and talk about the things they are grateful for. It was a blessing indeed.

I Found God today counting my blessings.

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Pretty Lucky

Today I did more reading and research about stroke recovery. I weeded through all the material to find information that was specific to my dad’s symptoms. As I did so, I realized again just how lucky he is. A stroke can leave a person so incapacitated. Though my dad is struggling through, I’m incredibly grateful that he wasn’t left in a worse situation and that he continues to recover well.

I Found God today being reminded of how lucky my dad is.

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Ditched the Walker

My dad was prepared to question the physical therapist when he arrived this morning. He wondered when he would be back to “normal”. The therapist asked what he meant by that. Specifically, my dad was asking how long he would have to use the walker. The therapist helped my dad use a cane the last time he was here, but my dad felt very uncomfortable with it. Since then, my dad has occasionally left his walker behind and walked short distances. Today, the therapist strapped some leg weights on my dad and did a few exercises. He then put the gait belt on him and encouraged him to try walking around without the walker. My dad took off. With the leg weights still on, he walked all around the upstairs, then walked downstairs, took a little rest and walked back up the stairs. The therapist was astonished, along with my mom and I. My dad’s continuing progress is such a blessing to witness.

I Found God today in another milestone in my dad’s recovery.