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Funny Dog Sitter

This evening as we headed out for a walk, we were met by a little barking ball of white fluff. The neighbor was walking her daughter’s dog who she was sitting for. She had a retractable leash on the dog, but didn’t know how to use it and the leash was locked with a very long lead. It was pretty funny to see as she laughingly tried to reign him in with the leash in one hand and a drink in the other. I taught her how to use the leash and she got it shortened just in time for another dog to come around the corner. The little dog started barking again and darted between my neighbor’s legs. Once she got untangled, she set off again trying to navigate the leash. She went the long way around the neighborhood and we went the short way. We met again as we neared the house. The dog was running and my neighbor was trying to keep up. But, this time, she picked the dog up and brought him over to say hello. She finally had control. The little dog was very friendly and we enjoyed giving him some petting. The whole scenario was hysterical.

I Found God today in laughter.

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Encouraging Nephew

Today I received an unexpected phone call from my nephew. He started by thanking us for his birthday wishes. From there, we talked about how relaxing vacation time was. He and his wife visited a little while ago and discovered they had an additional day, so they decided to spend it just enjoying the time alone together. We agreed that time away gives you a fresh outlook and perspective. He asked if I had been able to get back to church and we reminisced about the times spent doing VBS. He wondered if I would become more involved in the parish as he knew it meant so much to me. I remembered encouraging my nephew as he grew up and I was deeply touched that he was now encouraging me.

I Found God today in my encouraging nephew.

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Finally Seeing Better

My mom has been struggling trying to read her piano music for a long time now. Finally a couple of weeks ago we were able to order her new glasses and were excited to pick them up today. We brought some piano music with us to test them out. She put them on and held up the music at the appropriate distance. She was in awe that she could easily make out the notes on the lines or in the spaces. When we got home, she put her music on the piano, put her new glasses on, and sat down to play. They worked great. Seeing better alleviated some of the frustration she feels as she continues doing what she loves to do. She said that the only bad thing is that now her mistakes are actually hers – she can’t blame it on not seeing well. I am so happy that she can see better and can enjoy playing a little bit more.

I Found God today knowing that my mom can see better to enjoy playing the piano more.

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Just Grateful

I spent today feeling very grateful for many people and circumstances. My two sisters and brother were here at the house taking care of things while I was away for a few days. One sister stayed the entire time and left this afternoon. I was so grateful for the time that they took to allow me to take a break. I was grateful that all went well while I was gone. I was grateful to be home with my parents again. I was grateful thinking about the time I spent with my sons, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. This afternoon a neighbor came over to give us an update on the important happenings in the community. I was grateful for him and the other caring neighbors that are here. When it cooled off this evening, we took a walk. I was grateful for the cool breeze and the sight and smell of the flowers along the way. Perhaps it seems cliché, but I really did find myself just being grateful today.

I Found God today being grateful for many people and circumstances.


Finally Home

I was supposed to fly back home last night. However, I got stuck in the airlines big “computer issues” and I didn’t make it. When I talked to the attendant to rebook she said there was one seat left for flights that she could put me on leaving this morning. I took it. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I was happy to spend one more night with my son and family, then got up at 5am to start my day of travel. Before I even got on the first flight, I received a message saying that one of my connections was delayed. This worried me about making it all the way home, so I spoke to an attendant again. She said in order to try to change, they would have to cancel what I already had reserved – and besides, there wasn’t anything else anyways. So I kept what I had and got on the first flight. I could go on and on with the crazy things that happened travelling today. I have never been a part of such a mess as there was in the airports and on the flights. I changed planes and gates and there were several moments when I had no idea what was going on and/or where I was supposed to be. At one point, the plane landed at it’s destination but sat on the tarmac for an hour waiting for a gate to open up. At other times, we had to wait for pilots and/or flight attendants who had not yet arrived. The upside to the whole catastrophe was that everyone was in it together. While everyone was frustrated, everyone was in the same boat – so to speak – and seemed to be empathetic and patient. At one point it was announced that we were waiting for the flight attendants. When they came to the gate everyone cheered. When all was said and done, I took four flights today over 10 hours. I arrived home safe and sound to the cheers of my own.

I Found God today getting home safe and sound.

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One on One Time

As I spent my last day with my son and his family before I head back home, I thought about how grateful I am. We had much to celebrate and a lot of fun. And I was able to spend one an one time with each of my grandkids. I read, played Barbies, and put my toes in the ocean with my granddaughter. I shared some long car rides with my younger grandson who just completed middle school and we chatted about all kinds of things. Today my older grandson and I did some painting and listened to music. I am truly blessed.

I Found God today spending wonderful time with family.

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Meaningful Message

My sisters called this morning asking about watching Mass on TV with my parents. The church we usually watch was difficult to get connected, so they watched the local parish. Later on family Zoom, my sister told me how much she like the priest and his homily. He talked about some of the traditions of the faith, why we have them, and why they are important. She was really quite moved and impressed. We all figured that it must have been God’s plan for her to hear that particular message.

I Found God today in a message that was meaningful to my sister.

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Graduated Grandson

I was so excited to attend my grandson’s high school graduation today. The ceremony was held outside and the weather was perfect as the drizzly rain stopped early. It remained overcast but not too cold and the sun came out towards the end. Last year due to COVID, the school came up with a system in which the kids and parents were together in a sort of a pod and the kids were very spread out as they walked across the stage. This year, they kept some of those logistics as it kept people from being on top of one another, and the families were very close to the stage to see their student. It did take a long time, but it worked well. The students all walked in and sat together. We waited and watched in the stadium bleachers until it was our turn to be seated in our area close to the stage. I was able to get my parents and sisters on Zoom so they could see my grandson receive his diploma too. It was such a great day for him and I was so grateful to be with everyone for this special occasion.

I Found God today celebrating my grandson’s graduation.

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More Energy and Laughter

When I was planning my trip to the east coast, I decided I would have to make time to go to the beach. Today wasn’t warm and sunny, but there was nothing planned for the day so it was a good opportunity. My sons, daughter in law, and two grandchildren donned our sweatshirts and headed for the beach. We were all hungry when we arrived at the boardwalk, so we found a place that served lobster, my favorite beach food. It was delicious. When we headed out we saw that they were preparing for the sand sculpting contest. We watched some of the artists as they worked on a couple of large pieces made only with sand and water. Then we went down to the water. It was chilly, but my granddaughter and I wanted to put our toes in. She was having so much fun, she ended up soaking wet. Luckily, we were able to get her some new pants. Before we left, we stopped at another shop and bought fudge and other treats to take with us. It was another day full of energy and laughter.

I Found God today continuing to enjoy family time.

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Energy and Laughter

I am so blessed to have siblings who came to stay at the house for a couple of days so I could take a trip to see my grandchildren. Travelling was somewhat different only in the fact that everyone wore masks. Other than that, the airports and flights were jam packed. I was glad my son came too so I didn’t have to navigate the whole thing on my own. Once we arrived and got settled, we went out to dinner with my other son, his wife and kids. I drove the boys in my rental car and remembered how we used to go out and about. It was great to be in the midst of their energy and laughter once again.

I Found God today in the energy and laughter of my grandchildren.