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When He Was Nothing

I love getting surprise mail from friends. Today I received a letter from a friend who shared with me her experiences with the books from The Chronicles of Narnia since she read that we had recently watched the movie. She told me about a child who she read the book out loud to. After getting to know the character of Aslan the lion, he exclaimed that Aslan was like God. He then proceeded to tell my friend how sometimes he would just stare straight ahead not looking at anything, but feels what it was like to be with God in heaven before he was born; he was nothing yet; but he was with God. This was from a child who did not even attend church. I am always amazed at the insight of children. I have a couple of prayer cards that I go to every day that were written by my nephew when he was a child. It reminds me of his beautiful heart and how he was also very connected with God. I also find it intriguing that while they may be aware of God’s presence, they have a difficult time expressing who He is. That’s not really surprising as adults have the same problem. He is more than our human minds can understand and articulate. But, to me, it is just another example and proof that God does exist and is in relationship with us if only we allow Him to be.

I Found God today in a child’s perspective of God.

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Broken Garage Door

The garage door has been making too much noise opening and closing, so we called the company. The serviceman came out today. He showed us how the door had actually ripped away from the bracket holding it to the motor. Then, when the serviceman manually unhooked the motor, we discovered that the spring was broken as well. He repaired the spring and we will have the whole door replaced on a couple of weeks. This door was truly a disaster waiting to happen and I am so happy that we are getting it fixed.

I Found God today taking care of a potentially dangerous situation.

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Parish Package

Today we received a package from our favorite parish. We enjoy participating in Mass at a church I worked for some years ago. When the pandemic shut us all in, we needed to find a place to “go to church” and settled on the encouraging homilies from the pastor and my friend. As a bonus, we see the beauty of the renovated church and I see some of the people I know and love there. One of the parishioners wrote a book about the history of the parish. I purchased a copy and received it today – along with a few other goodies. It was so thoughtful of them to send along some other books, a recent parish directory, and some photos of the details of the new renovations. We felt very much a part of the parish, even though we are a couple thousand miles away.

I Found God today being connected to the church.

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Born in a Blizzard

Today was my sister’s birthday. We called Facetime as we do every year and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. My mom recounted the story of her birth. There was a blizzard when my mom went into labor and the snow was up to her knees. They figured it would be fastest for them to drive to the hospital instead of pressing their luck waiting for an ambulance. Thankfully, they had great neighbors. Three men came with their shovels and helped my dad clear a path to get the car out. They got my mom in the vehicle and rode along to the hospital with shovels in tote, just in case. They made it to the hospital with little time to spare. My sister was born 20 minutes after they arrived. It’s a good story to hear every year and my mom loves to tell it.

I Found God today in the joy my mom receives by recounting the birth day stories.

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Safe Delivery

A young woman I know was super excited to be expecting a baby in February. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Covid earlier this month. She was pretty ill and the baby was experiencing distress. We started praying to Our Lady of Lourdes. The young woman was able to recover enough to deliver the baby. He was a few weeks early, but new mom and baby are doing well. It was such good news.

I Found God today in the wellness of a young mom and her baby.

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Outside Activities

I have been feeling a little cabin fever, so it felt great to get outside in the cool air for a walk today. As I walked, I imagined that everyone I saw felt the same way as I saw all the different people and activities. Two men were throwing the football around at the park while encouraging two children to play as well. A group of three were in the baseball field placing their balls back in their cart. There were several joggers and several dog-walkers. And elderly couple wearing masks were walking with 3 youth. An elderly man was visiting his younger neighbor and said hello to me as he headed home. Another couple guys were working on a car. Several men were busy cleaning their garages. A man was chatting with a woman on her porch socially distanced. One woman was sitting on her porch whittling a piece of wood. I even came across my neighbor who was riding his fancy low rider trike. As I wrote it all down here, I really did take notice of all the people enjoying the day. It helped me to let go of some worries.

I Found God today noticing all those enjoying outdoor activities.

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Water Buffalo Song

We finished another puzzle today. It was a beautiful illustration of wild animals all huddled together with slight expressions of smiles on their faces. One of the animals was a water buffalo. When my son was child, he and my nephew used to love watching VeggieTales. I liked them too because they had a Christian message and lots of humor for adults as well. I guess the picture of the water buffalo on the puzzle triggered my memory of “The Water Buffalo Song”, which was a silly song. I kept singing it over and over in my head. Finally tonight I looked it up and found it on YouTube and laughed hysterically. I shared it with my dad who thought it was silly too and then we watched a couple more clips. I shared the video with my kids, nephew, and his mom so they could remember and laugh too.

I Found God today laughing and enjoying fun memories.

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Grateful for Uncertainty

I read a quote today that struck me as so fitting. It puts a whole new perspective on the faith life.

“When the future seems uncertain and all you see is darkness, you have something you don’t have during times of tranquility: the opportunity to trust in Jesus.” Gary Zimac from his book Stop Worrying and Start Living

I Found God today being grateful for the uncertainty allowing me to grow in faith.


The Drone Operator

We took advantage of the mild weather today and got out of the house. We took a drive to a park in the middle of the city that was one of our favorite places for many years. The winding road took us to the top of the bluffs overlooking the city. Once there, we parked and walked on the paved path to get the best view. It was beautiful. We pointed out landmarks and realized how much the city has grown. On the way back to the car, we heard and saw a drone flying overhead. As we approached the parking lot, we saw the operator on the sidewalk with controller in hand. We watched him for a while and was impressed as he landed the drone on the walk right in front of him. It just so happened that he was parked right next to us. As he came over, my dad told him he liked his “fancy gadget”. We chatted with him and his brother for a while. They said they were from Chicago and were enjoying getting pictures of the beautiful Colorado scenery. We wished each other well before we parted ways. It was so good to get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air, and have an interesting conversation with a stranger.

I Found God today enjoying a day out.

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Another Day

When I opened the blinds this morning, the sun was shining brightly. I thanked God for the morning and the start to another day as I prayed for His grace to live it well. “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it.” Psalm 118:24. This evening I went for a walk. As the sun set, I watched the clouds change from hints of pink to full blown orange and red set off by blue sky in the gaps. It’s as if God was saying, “I’m right here. Everything will be OK.” I thanked God for the spectacular scene and for the peace only He can provide.

I Found God today in the grace and beauty of another day.