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Psalm 22 Connection

I worked on my Bible class homework tonight and loved getting a deeper understanding of the Psalms. In particular, Jesus quoted the first line of Psalm 22 when he was hanging on the cross. This would have led the people of the day to be reminded of the entire Psalm. It is basically an outline of what happened to Jesus. And what’s more, the end goes on to describe how Jesus is the savior of those who call out to Him. He promises everlasting life and His name will be passed down to every generation of all people. It is fascinating to me to find those connections.

I Found God today connecting Psalm 22 with Jesus.

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Among the Pines

Today I was grateful to have a little time to myself. I spent a couple hours with my family. Then I went to one of my favorite parks, sat under a tree, and read some of the Psalms. I would take a break every now and again, listen to the breeze blow through the branches, and smell the pines. It was very relaxing.

I Found God today among the pines.

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Cooking Together

My son was told he would be able to move into the rental house today, but the previous tenants have not been cooperating and were still in the house. It’s a very frustrating situation. So my son and his family spent much of the day with us, which I didn’t mind at all. I had planned on cooking a couple of meals for them to have ready to eat as they moved. I still cooked most of the day for them and for us, but my daughter in law joined me in the kitchen. Especially since I raised only sons, it is very meaningful for me when we do things together. She provides a whole different energy, perspective, and conversation. I really enjoyed spending that time with her as we cooked and chatted, and I am grateful for our relationship.

I Found God today cooking with my daughter in law.

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More Hugs

As I walked with my family to drop my granddaughter off for school this morning, I watched all the parents and kids saying good-bye and had a sudden realization that I do not get or give enough hugs. I decided I was going to change that. I gave my dad a big long hug when I saw him today. When I saw my granddaughter after school, I gave her several hugs which she returned with enthusiasm. I hugged my son and daughter-in-law when I saw them. I would hug my mom more, but I’m afraid to break her. Ironically – or not – tonight I found an article in my email stating that you need at least 8 hugs a day to maintain happiness. I believe it. That’s probably why so many of the elderly in facilities just want to hug everyone. Tonight before my brother went to bed, he asked if there was anything else I needed. I answered a resounding, “Yes – a hug!” to which he obliged. I may have made it to 8 today and I did feel pretty good.

I Found God today realizing the need for hugs.

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Early Morning Peace

I had a short visit with my dad today as an employee had tested positive for COVID. The executive director called last night to inform us of the situation and that visitations would be limited. However, it was scheduled to have my dad’s pacemaker information to be downloaded and sent to the doctor. Because this was necessary, I was allowed to bring the monitor in this morning and take care of it. I found my dad in the onsite gym working on the computer with the speech therapist. He was all cleaned up and looking good. He was patient while we waited for the monitor to do it’s thing and he was fascinated by the technology. I’m not sure he knew who I was, but when I held his hand, there was a spark of familiarity. To be fair, I didn’t actually introduce myself as I knew I was unable to stay. When I was finished, the therapist suggested they find the exercise class. My dad said he didn’t like doing exercise, which I have heard plenty of times. She encouraged him to go with her and give it a try and they would leave if they didn’t like it. He agreed and followed her down the hall after I said good-bye. It was good to see my dad content and agreeable. I went out into the beautiful sunshine and remembered there are hiking trails nearby. So, I hiked for about an hour. I stopped every now and again to take in the sunshine, the cool breeze, the quiet, and the scenery. I was grateful for the peace.

I Found God today in early morning peace.

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Into the Psalms

I was talking with my sister the other day about what an emotional roller coaster life seems to be at this point in time. This is something that I have been really struggling with during the past few months. I described it as a nightmare that I couldn’t seem to get out of. As much as I tried to rely on God and surrender to Him, I was truly holding on to a razor thin edge of hope. As I was so worried about a safe place for my dad to be, there was a day when almost all of the family was together and we all prayed together. Then I heard God’s prompting, “Now watch me work.” A few days later, we were getting things in order for my dad to move into Morning Star. Tonight I started the 4th and final year of my Bible class. We started with the first section of Psalms. The instructor stressed the fact that the psalms reflect our human condition being creatures with emotions. The verses go from lamenting to praise and back and forth. No matter what state of mind we find ourselves in, we can find it in the psalms along with encouragement and direction. It sounds like exactly what I need right now – of course. Even though it was a tumultuous day, I find myself grateful tonight.

I Found God today being led back into His Word.

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Backpack Cat

As I went for a little walk this evening, I very much enjoyed the cool temperature and the view of the sunset behind the mountains. While I was taking in the scenery, a young girl came from the other direction on the other side of the street. When she passed, I thought I saw something moving. Sure enough, she was carrying a black and white cat in her backpack. I told her I liked her backpack cat. She said thank you and that she had just gotten the idea. I thought she was pretty brave to assume the cat would stay in there. But he appeared to be very content and happy as he looked all around, tucked in snug and safe. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen and it added a little more joy to my walk.

I Found God today in a super cute cat in a backpack.

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Story of Acceptance

I was happy to have a long conversation with a good friend today. She told me about many ways she has found God since the last time we talked. My favorite story happened during one of her camping trips. She and her people were camped on one side of a narrow part of a lake. On the opposite side was a group of Muslims wearing their traditional clothing. My friend had wished they were camped next to them as she wanted to talk with them. She recognized the tendency to be quick to judge and wanted to move past that. One day, she took two of the kids out for a swim to the other side of the narrow waterway. When they reached the other side, they stood at the water’s edge and waved so their mom knew they made it ok. As they started to head back, one of the Muslim children dragged out her boogie board and asked if she could join them. She was welcomed and my friend asked her name. It was Heba. My friend asked what it meant. The reply was “gift from God”. As the group enjoyed playing in the water together, the little boy told his new friend that he liked her swimming suit. She was also wearing the burka and was mostly covered but the little boy, who is being raised in a devout Christian home, just saw it as a swim suit. The story reminded me that at our core, we are all God’s children and is possible and necessary for us to treat each other as such.

I Found God today in a story of acceptance.

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We have been trying to find a good time to visit with my dad while he is still getting settled into his new surroundings. It seems he has been getting up at night and wandering or rearranging his room. If we go to visit mid-morning, he’s fast asleep. If we go later in the afternoon, he may be napping again and we reach sundowning time. But, the people there continue to tell us that he is doing well, that it’s normal to get more confused after a move, and that it will take some time. I had a good conversation with the nurse and the physical therapist yesterday who have been aware of the situation. We talked about how to tweak his bedtime routine. And my dad will be receiving physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy 5 days a week, which I was happy to hear. The hope is getting him engaged and moving will keep him more awake during the day and tired to sleep more during the night. This morning my mom and I made it up to his place a bit earlier. He was in fact a little more awake and a little more lucid. I got out the ice cream I had stashed in his freezer and he and my mom enjoyed a treat together. He did get tired and nod off toward the end of the visit, but was able to rouse himself for lunch. It was a nice morning. We continue to be grateful for the place and encouraged by the people.

I Found God today seeing my dad a little more awake and aware.

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Five Things

A good friend has been on the front of my mind the past couple of days. Today I reached out to her and told her I missed her. We chatted a bit and promised to get together. Later, I checked the mail and found I had received a card from her. It read, “Five Things God wants you to remember in trying times: You’re never, ever alone. Nothing takes Him by surprise. When you’re weak, He’s strong. He’s the God of new beginnings. His love never gives up on us.” I cried a little at the beautiful words and the connection that I always have with my friend.

I Found God today in beautiful words of wisdom and a connection with a friend.