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Beauty in Confusion

The weather here has been so warm for such a long time. We were surprised the other day when we saw that one of the irises had a long budding stem on it. However, it was supposed to freeze that night. So we decided to cut it off and bring it in the house. We put it in a vase and hoped for the best. One flower bloomed right away. It was gorgeous. This morning there were 3 new flowers to greet us. I guess we made the right decision. The confused plant is bringing us a lot of joy.

I Found God today in the beauty of late blooming flowers.

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Pep Talk

My dad had an appointment with his neurologist today. The doctor talked with him, watched him walk, and asked me some questions. Even though my dad struggles with his short term memory, the doctor said that he looks really good. He said he understands that it is frustrating for my dad, but reassured him that he is doing very well – especially for a 90 year old who had a stroke at the beginning of the year. He encouraged him to stay active mentally and physically and to eat a good healthy diet. As we were driving home, my dad said he very much enjoyed his doctor’s pep talk.

I Found God today in an encouraging doctor.

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Yes He Cares

When I was out and about today, I passed a large wooden fence that faced the street. It had words written in different colors of chalk that read, “Yes, He Cares.” My heart welled up. Message received.

I Found God today in a simple, profound message.

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Mid Pandemic Quarantine Surprise

We got a “mid-pandemic-quarantine” surprise package from my brother yesterday. It was a blu-ray player and some movies. My dad and I worked on getting it set up today. When we came to the place where we weren’t sure what to do next, my dad called my brother on Facetime. He was able to walk us through the rest of the set-up. Then my dad set him on a chair while we put in The Wizard of Oz. We watched while the scenery changed from black and white to color and ooohed and aaahed at the amazing picture. We thanked my brother profusely. Then we put on one of my dad’s favorite movies – The Martian with Matt Damon who just happens to by his 7th cousin twice removed. It was cool and cloudy outside, so a good day to stay in and watch a movie. My dad in particular really enjoyed it.

I Found God today in a thoughtful gift from my brother.

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Girls Nail Party

Today was girls day. A few months ago, my daughter in law hosted a party where you could purchase Color Street press on nail polish. I bought a few sets and planned on getting together with my sisters to put them on. Since then, there has been a lot going on. One sister was getting ready to move. The other one worked in her garden every day. My mom did her part by letting her nails grow instead of cutting them off. Finally, the move was done and the garden was put to bed for the winter. My sisters were here today for the big nail party. We got on Zoom with my daughter in law and granddaughter. They walked us through the process. My daughter in law gave us instructions and my granddaughter was the model. It was pretty easy and super fun to connect with everyone this way. Now we’re all enjoying a little extra pizazz as we do our normal activities.

I Found God today enjoying girls day.

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House Hunting

My sister came to visit for a couple days. She had an eye doctor appointment in this city today and thought it would be nice to enjoy some extra time here. It was perfect timing as my son has started to look for houses to buy. Because my sister was here, I was able to go and look at a couple with him. It is an exciting time for him and I enjoy sharing some of that with him.

I Found God today sharing an exciting time with my son.

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Unexpected Compliment

Before I went out and about today, I decided to put on a little eyeliner and fix my hair up nice. I have several face masks that my friend has made and always like to wear things that match. Today it was the fall leaves look with my orange long sleeve t-shirt. I thought it doesn’t really matter to anyone else but me, but it made me feel good. As I was running errands, I decided to stop for a coffee. The shop was near a high school. I had ordered online and went in to pick it up. A group of high school students were there waiting for their order. When my drink was ready, the woman behind the counter called my name. I thanked her and took my cup. When I turned around, one of the young ladies seated at a table pulled down her mask to say, “Ms. Tammy, you look beautiful today!” That was completely unexpected. I thanked her “so much!” and went out the door smiling. I guess my extra self care details paid off.

I Found God today in an unexpected compliment.

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Purposeful Morning

I got up way too early this morning. But instead of trying to go back to sleep, I just started my day. I started with prayer. For almost an hour I prayed the rosary, the office, read today’s Mass readings and watched a meditation. I saw the glow of the sunrise through my window and went outside to take a few pictures of the fiery sky. Then I moved on to exercise. I did 20 minutes of yoga, then 20 minutes of aerobics. I started stretching when my son called. We chatted for a bit until he had to go to work. By that time my mom was up and I made breakfast. I felt like I had a whole day of stuff done by the morning meal. To my surprise, instead of feeling tired all day, I felt rather energized and was productive all day. Perhaps I should start every day in this way.

I Found God today in an early but purposeful and productive day.

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Infinity and Beyond

We flipped through tv channels tonight and came across the new Cosmos series. I was surprised that my dad had not seen any of the new program. We found that we could start watching series 1 episode 1, which we did. My dad remembered the original Cosmos series by Carl Sagan in 1980. He taught the college course that went along with the videos. He went into his library and pulled out the original book complete with Carl Sagan’s autograph and a hand written note to my dad. Watching the first episode reminded me of the immensity that our universe is and how little we actually know about it. What’s more, our history as human beings is but a tick of the clock in space time. And yet, we struggle just to get along with one another. I realized that a bigger sense of belonging, a mind set to infinity and eternity is imperative to living peacefully in our little world.

I Found God today reflecting on the enormity of creation and the Creator.

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Aware of Angels

In my Bible class tonight, we read the book of Tobit. It is a beautiful story of 2 people who were going through very difficult times. They remained faithful and both cried out to God in prayer at the same time. God heard them and sent Raphael the archangel who helped and healed them. After that, their lives became intertwined and they were blessed in ways they could never have imagined. After the lesson, there was a lot of discussion about angels – particularly our guardian angels. Several people in the class recognized that in some serious situations they had been helped by angels. It was a hope-filled evening.

I Found God today being more aware of angels.