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Cellular Sacred Moment

I talked to a far away friend for quite a while today. I miss seeing her on a regular basis. It was so good to hear her voice and get caught up. She reminded me that when we were living and working in the same area, would we have our own little prayer sessions. So, before we hung up, we had our own little prayer session on the phone. We were able to connect spiritually, even though we are thousands of miles apart. It was a sacred moment.

I Found God today connecting spiritually with a far away friend.

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Puppy Love

A friend of mine loves her pets – especially her dogs. They are actually more than pets. They are companions. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, her dog suddenly showed signs of being unwell. She took her to the emergency vet who kept her and did what they could to treat her. Shockingly, the next day the dog was gone. They figured she had a brain tumor. My friend was devastated. I saw her last week and it was all she could do to show up for dinner with friends. My heart ached for her. Before the tragedy, she had already decided that her next dog would be a male black German Shepard. She had communications with a breeder she knew. The breeder had a litter of puppies including 1 black male that was almost 8 weeks old. My friend picked up the puppy a couple of days ago and shared pictures. I was fortunate enough to stop in for a short visit today and meet the adorable pup. He gave me lots of puppy kisses with his puppy breath. He was clearly in love with my friend. He followed her everywhere and slept on her feet. He is even already learning a few commands. My friend said she knows the puppy is a gift from God. I agree. It was good to see her smiling again.

I Found God today in my friend’s joy from her new puppy.


Apollo 11 Anniversary

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission when the first men walked on the moon. It is also my grandson’s 12th birthday. We decided to celebrate both. My mom thought it was a good idea to visit our local Space Discover Center to find space things to send my grandson. We went the other day and found a t-shirt, some “Lunar Landing Thinking Putty” that glows in the dark and has moon dust in it, and the ever popular astronaut ice cream. My dad has always been interested and involved in space. He even wrote a textbook called, “Introduction to Space”. I knew he had some interesting keepsakes and searched around until I found them. I discovered a book written about the Apollo missions. He would take the book with him when he traveled to different conferences. Inside the cover, there are about a dozen signatures of different Apollo astronauts – including Buzz Aldrin. I also found a flyer from one symposium that had the autographs of both Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. My dad said the only time he saw Neil Armstrong was at a conference he attended in Russia. But the most exciting and important memento I found was a certificate made out to my dad recognizing the support he provided as a meteorologist in the Air Force during the Apollo 11 mission. I copied the certificate and some of the autographs and sent them along in the box to my grandson for his birthday. We video chatted yesterday so we could see him open the package. My son was perhaps more excited about the memorabilia than my grandson was. My dad explained to the family that when he was in the Air Force, his group was responsible for keeping an eye on the sun during the Apollo missions. They monitored the solar activity because if there would be a solar flare, it would have killed an astronaut walking on the moon. If that were to occur, they would need to warn the astronauts so they could take evasive action. Luckily, that never happened. To my dad, it was his job. To all of us, it was incredible that he was a part of this historical mission. Even my granddaughter chimed in with, “That’s amazing! I love it!”

I Found God today in remembering the accomplishment of humans and the role my dad played in that.

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God Broke My Hip

My mother had physical therapy today. It was super hot out again, so I dropped her at the door and parked out under a tree that would provide at least a little shade. After her appointment, I went to retrieve the car while she sat on a bench just inside the door next to another woman waiting for her ride. My mom got to chatting with the woman who said she recently broke her hip. This was the first broken bone she ever had. She said she doesn’t tell people, “I broke my hip,” but rather, “God broke my hip.” Strange. But she went on to explain that she has learned so much about God since the incident. God allowed it to happen so she could know Him better. My mom said she probably would have heard more of the story, but I drove up. To me, the woman had a pretty incredible outlook and understanding of her circumstances.

I Found God today in a positive outlook.

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Reading Outside

It was super hot today, so we spent most of the day in the air conditioned house. I went outside every now and again just to test it, but didn’t stay out long. Usually on a hot day, we would be able to go downstairs and watch TV, but the TV quit working a couple of days ago. I kept myself busy as usual in the kitchen. But when the sun moved around the other side of the house, I sat outside on the porch and read some of my book from my bible class. That is a big deal for me, as I’m not a very good reader. But I really enjoyed it – it was cool and there was good reading light. And I liked just being outside without being sweltering. Perhaps I can make this a habit.

I Found God today enjoying being outside and reading.

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Signed Up for the Trip

For the past month or so, my brother has been talking about potentially going to Mexico for part of the winter. A couple of weeks ago, he found that a group of RV people were planning a caravan type trip in the same area that he wanted to go and about the same time. He excitedly waited for the day to sign up for the trip. He wasn’t sure exactly what time the sign up opened online, so that morning he called the contact person. She told him that it would open at noon, but that he had to have a membership in order to register. She said she could take care of that over the phone, otherwise it could take a couple of days to have it completed. My brother subscribed to the group and as he finished, the online registration opened up for the trip. He was able to get right on and sign up. He found out later that the trip was completely booked in 1 hour. I told him that it seemed God had really stepped up and worked it all out for him. He agreed.

I Found God today in perfect timing for my brother to sign up for a trip.

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Seeing Old Friends

This evening, my mom and I went to the annual picnic for the housing complex. At first, my mom said she didn’t see anyone she knew. As time went on, she found several people she knew and was able to have a conversation with each. On the way home, she said she sometimes misses the camaraderie she had with the neighbors, which I completely understand. So, she really enjoyed the evening and the visiting.

I Found God today as my mom enjoyed visiting with old friends.