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The Billboard

Today at the caregiver’s group I went to, one of the ladies shared her struggles while her husband was in a rehab facility. As she was driving home one afternoon, she was pouring her heart out to God and asking for His help. She was “told” to look up. When she did, she saw a large billboard. The sign read, “You have survived 100% of your life so far. Trust that I’ve got this. – God”. Amazing but true. The message brought her instant peace.

I Found God today in God’s message.

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New Our Father

The other night, my Bible class was focused on the Our Father. Much of the time was spent dissecting the prayer. It certainly gave more meaning to the words that I often say without even thinking about them. Just as an example, the words “…Thy will be done…” are saying that even though I have much to ask for and many petitions for other people, I trust God that His answer will be the best in all situations. Since then, each time I have said the prayer, I can’t help but say it more slowly and think about the words. I have a new appreciation and comprehension for the long known Our Father.

I Found God today in new insight to an old prayer.

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Home Mass

I have been meeting with a great group of people in a “Small Church Community” for a couple of years now. It has been such a blessing. Several months ago, one of the men was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He had surgery that was successful at removing the existing cancer. Once he recovered, he and his wife made several trips to different destinations. Unfortunately, after the last trip they discovered cancer in several new places in his body. He has been struggling with treatments and has been in a lot of pain. A priest friend of theirs offered to celebrate the Mass at their home. It was held tonight. Our small group attended and a couple of their other friends. It was intimate, peaceful, and hope-filled. The scripture readings were about trusting God, not to fear, and to know that God is love. God was certainly present there – particularly in the love shown between the man and his wife. It was a beautiful celebration.

I Found God today in an intimate celebration of Mass.

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Help From Afar

As my brother has been travelling, he has been writing a blog about his experiences from his dog’s point of view. He has actually connected with people in real life through this blog. When he arrived at his first campsite the other day, unfortunately he found a problem with the water system in his trailer. He called us today to let us know how he got it fixed. A woman that he met once through his blog lived in the vicinity. He was able to contact her and asked if she knew anyone in the area she could recommend to do the work on the trailer. She did have a suggestion. My brother contacted the person and got the problem fixed. He was very happy to have water again in his trailer, and happy to have made the acquaintance from afar.

I Found God today as my brother received help from a distant friend.


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Anxiety Prayer

Tonight I was talking with some people about how to stay on a good path in life and keep focused on the love, mercy, and grace that God has to offer. Of course the big answer is to pray. God wants good things for us and wants to help us. He is waiting for us to ask Him. But that is certainly challenging in our busy lives that pull us in many directions. One woman said that her children call her “fanatic”, but she is OK with that. She trusts God implicitly. She even told her children that if they were to call on God and God let them down, she would stop going to church. One of her children struggles with anxiety. She suggested that when she feels overwhelmed at work, she should say a Hail Mary or even more would be better. A couple days later, her daughter reported that she took her mom’s advice. She was feeling very anxious at work, so she got up, took a brief walk, and prayed 3 Hail Mary’s as she went. When she returned to her desk, she felt peaceful. Very good advice from a very faithful woman and a beautiful example of God’s grace.

I Found God today in an anxiety prayer.

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Ode To My Brother

My brother took off yesterday for his next adventure. He called when he got settled into his first camping area. My dad told him how we missed him already. While he was here, my brother helped my dad coordinate and accomplish all the repairs that needed to be done at the cabin in the mountains. He and my dad worked diligently at preserving old family audio tapes. He was super patient and could speak computer with my dad as they worked through different projects. One of the first things he did was to help get the new TV and audio system up and running. I was able to take a little vacation while he was here with my parents. We watched the new Godzilla movie together and remembered how we used to watch the old monster movies. We all enjoyed playing with and just petting his dog when she was calm. He did a lot of helpful things while he was here, but his patient and kind presence is what will be missed most. We were all grateful for the time he spent with us.

I Found God today being grateful for my brother.

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Germany Revisited

A few of the ladies in my aqua aerobics class have told me about an old time German bakery in the city. I have asked my mom about it, but she had never been there. Today we decided to go. My mom had a couple of specific things that she wanted. When we walked into the small bakery, I remembered the shops we used to visit when we lived in Germany. Everything in the bakery was either made fresh, or imported. There was, of course, lots of fresh breads, pastries, and sausage rolls. They also had a deli with meats and cheeses. And there were shelves full of canned goods, mixes, and candies. I did my best to read the labels to my mom and she was able to understand most of the German words. I was reliving some childhood years as I remembered the German chocolate Santas and most of the candies. We picked up some bratwurst, knockwurst, and braunschweiger, side dishes, and several other goodies. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to enjoying our delicacies.

I Found God today remembering a different cultural experience.