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Responded to Reminder

At my bible class on Monday, the instructor encouraged us to say the rosary every day. I have been trying to make this happen. But, I didn’t get it done yesterday. I simply forgot. When I went to bed, I apologized to God and said that if he would remind me during the day, I would be better at it. I woke up this morning 20 minutes earlier than needed to get ready for my aqua aerobics class. Now, I don’t like waking up in the first place – much less waking up early. I didn’t want to go back to sleep as I knew it would be more difficult to wake up again. Then the thought came – say the rosary. God reminded me, I listened, and it was a great way to begin my day.

I Found God today starting my day with the rosary.

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Getting Good

Things went pretty well for my brother today. He is getting ready to hit the road and head south for the winter. He got all his reservations made for his camp sites through the first of the year. He even got a job that he was hoping for at a national forest during next summer. This morning, we said a couple travelling prayers and shared Holy water from Lourdes for a nice blessing before he departed. His trailer had been in the shop having some preparation work done which was completed. My brother hitched up the trailer and headed to the cabin to get everything packed up. He was pretty excited. Although we will miss him and his dog, we were excited for him.

I Found God today in good things happening for my brother.

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Defending His Faith

In my Bible class, we have been studying how Jesus interacted with different groups of people. He spent a lot of time with those who were in need of healing – both physical and spiritual. Tonight we discussed how we could imitate Jesus in our own lives. One young man talked about how his family occasionally gets together with another family who are self proclaimed atheists. He said the family is very nice, the kids get along and they enjoy each other’s company. He said that the man of the household will inevitably bring up religion and they often end up in pretty heated debates. The young man is very knowledgeable and strong in his faith. He feels that he does a pretty good job defending his faith and at the same time being an example of a loving, Christian neighbor. This was just one example of many and I was very impressed by the young man.

I Found God today in the strong faith of a young man.

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Receiving Jesus

Today at Mass, the Gospel reading was of Zacchaeus who was a tax collector and consider quite a sinner in those days. He heard that Jesus was coming to his town and had a burning desire to see him. Since he was small, he couldn’t see above the crowd. So he climbed a tree to have a good vantage point. Jesus did indeed spot Zacchaeus and knew the guilt he held in his heart. Jesus invited himself to be with Zacchaeus that evening. Zacchaeus obliged and was converted. From that point on, he changed his way of life. Instead of taking advantage of others, he cared for them. The priest pointed out that Zacchaeus responded to Christ both immediately and joyfully. He encouraged us to think about the way we respond to Christ. Jesus is inviting Himself in to be a part of our life. We are able to receive Him in an incredible way particularly through Communion. The priest suggested we think about how we do that – in our preparation, our stance, our reception of the Body and Blood of Christ, and in our prayers. Then, do we allow Jesus to change who we are and fill us with joy? Are we converted – even if just a little at a time? Jesus wants to come to our house today. How do we respond?

I Found God today pondering receiving Jesus.

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Offering Candy

We had a great family get together today to celebrate birthdays and send off my brother on his next adventure. One of the things we talked about was the recent Halloween antics. It reminded me of something the priest said yesterday at All Saints Day mass. The church had a “Trunk or Treat” event. Participants met in the parking lot, decorated their vehicles, and passed out candy to the kids who came. The priest said there were a lot of children who came dressed as saints. At one point, he walked around with his bag of candy to hand out. A little girl dressed as a nun looked at him and the bag of candy he was offering. But, instead of taking the goodies, she took candy out of her own bag and put it in his. That was a very sweet story.

I Found God today in a generous child.

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Thoughts to Phone Call

When I go back to the state I used to live in, it is impossible to visit with all the people I would like to see. There was one person in particular who I was unable to catch up with and he had been on my mind. He gave me a surprise phone call today. He just called to touch base and share the good news that his daughter is getting married. He was especially pleased that the couple had decided to marry in the Catholic church. The future husband had not yet received his Confirmation, but was happy to complete the preparation. So many of us worry about our kids – if they will remain faithful, or even return to the faith that they once knew. But, God is bigger than our worries and able to answer our continuous prayers. It was great talking with my friend and I was happy that he thought of me.

I Found God today in a thoughtful friend who was on my mind.

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Halloween Memories

A few years ago, I was travelling on Halloween with a friend of mine as we made our way across the country so I could move with my parents. The next Halloween, I made “scary face pancakes” for breakfast. That tradition stuck, though I try to mix it up a little each year. This morning we talked about the different ways we celebrated over the years. My brother was very much into haunted houses for a while and did amazing creepy makeup. He would come up with new ideas to interact with the kids who were out trick or treating. Then my mother told us a story about a Halloween many years ago and I realized where my brother got it from. My dad had placed the jack-o-lantern outside on the porch as usual, but put a speaker behind it. He sat in the window watching the kids with the microphone and would talk to them. It was as if the pumpkin was talking. Evidently, one little girl stood and talked with the jack-o-lantern for quite some time until she put her arms around it, gave it a hug, and said, “I Love You!” That was too cute.

I Found God today in a cute story about childhood innocence.