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I got my hair cut the other day and my mom commented on how nice it looked. I replied that the curls came back in abundance. She laughed and said she has heard the word “abundance” everywhere lately. She read a morning reflection and it said that God wants to give us good things in abundance. Tonight we did a meditation before going to bed. One of the statements was to imagine yourself with so much abundance that there is enough for you and for others. Perhaps God is trying to tell us something.

I Found God today pondering His abundance.

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St. Thomas Aquinas

Today the Church honors St. Thomas Aquinas. He was a priest, an intellect, an author, and my dad’s patron saint. I pictured my dad having deep, meaningful conversation with him and imagining what a blessing it would be for my dad. Interestingly, I opened a journal tonight to a quote I wrote from St. Thomas Aquinas, “Faith is a foretaste of the knowledge that will make us blessed in the life to come.” Beautiful words of wisdom.

I Found God today in a connection to St. Thomas Aquinas.

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Blessed Meal Time

Many times, I feel like I lose my concentration when I pray. My mind easily wanders – especially when I say the “usual” prayers during the day. Today at lunch we prayed our normal meal time prayer that we have done for my entire life, probably mom’s too. I started drifting almost immediately, but this time I caught myself and was determined to make a change. I slowed down a bit, thought about each word I said, and visualized God’s hands blessing us and our food. It gave me a whole different perspective and I felt very grateful for all God does for us.

I Found God today paying more attention to the prayer.

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Don’t Dim

Today I listened to a reflection on the scripture reading for the day. In the Gospel, Jesus explained that a light shouldn’t be hidden under a basket or bed in order for it to be effective. He went on to say that we – those who choose to follow Him – are like that light. We should share our faith with others and not keep it to ourselves. In the reflection, Jeff Cavins went further with the analogy saying that we have control over how bright we shine with our dimmer switch. We can hide or be down low or shine brightly. As my mom was getting ready for bed tonight, one of the bulbs in her light dimmed. It immediately reminded me of the Gospel and made me smile. I think that image will come to mind often now.

I Found God today in good way to remember to allow my light to shine.

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Right At Home

My mom was up to doing some exercises today, so we got her set up on her iPad and started a video. She did great, but had enough about half way through. We thought a nice stretch would be good after that. So we found a new video that we had not seen before. When we turned it on, we saw the instructor was outside on the deck of a house in the woods. Then we realized how similar it looked to our cabin. She was sitting in the corner of the deck where it turned and continued to follow the side of the house. A part of the corner of the house was also in view, showing the bottom siding and window. Behind the instructor were trees and rocky bluffs. The whole scene was so familiar. My mom enjoyed the stretches and said she felt right at home.

I Found God today in a calming, enjoyable experience for my mom.

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Change of Seasons

We had left up all the Christmas decorations in the house for our family Christmas and everything celebration. It has been snowing on and off for several days, so it has really felt Christmassy. But it was time. Today my brother and I took down all the decorations and packed them away. I told my mom that we were ready for the next season. She said that would be Spring. I agreed. It has been nice enjoying the Christmas season for such a long time. But we are looking forward to longer days, warmer weather, and getting outside.

I Found God today ready to move forward.

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Brother’s Blessing

It’s always such a blessing to have my brother here for a visit. This morning after breakfast, he and my mom were talking about road trips. My mom used to journal during her trips with my dad. She asked my brother to get out her books so they could look through them together. He got the books as she described, but the one she opened was a personal journal she started writing years ago. She said she had intended to write about the blessings of her day. Many of the entries described her medical struggles during the years before I arrived. Then she would recall where she was blessed. She read much of it out loud as my brother sat patiently and listened. This was a blessing for her, for me, and I think for him as well.

I Found God today in the blessing of my brother.


Everything Celebration

We missed Christmas and all the celebrations because of COVID and have been awaiting the day when we could get together with the family. We left all our decorations up in the house in anticipation of that time. One brother flew in for a visit this weekend, so we took advantage of the opportunity. The rest of the family who lives close came over. We started with Christmas dinner. It was a great idea to purchase a fully prepared meal that required minimal attention and was delicious. After dinner we got my other brother, nephew, and his wife on Zoom and opened presents. My mom and I purchased pajama pants for everyone. My mom also had the idea of giving my dad’s cufflinks to the guys. That was a beautiful sentiment. People wrote memories about my dad and put them in his stocking. When my mom is ready, she will read them and keep them away to look at again. After our Christmas, we counted down and toasted to the new year. Then we celebrated both of my sisters’ birthdays. My daughter in law made another of her amazing cakes and my brother got some balloons that had confetti in them. It was super fun when my sisters popped them and colored paper flew everywhere. My sister made heart shaped and lip shaped cookies, so we celebrated Valentine’s day as well. It was a lot of fun and a lot of celebration in one afternoon. Most of all, it was wonderful to get together with the family and laugh, cry, hug, and catch up.

I Found God today celebrating as much as we could with the family.

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Paying Attention

A friend came over for a little while today. She talked about the blessings she has experienced lately and how overwhelming it can be if she thinks about them too much. We talked about how God is always present and active in our world, but specifically in our lives. The important thing is that we must pay attention. We have to come to a place in our minds and hearts where we can be aware of God – how He guides us and encourages us. If we don’t pay attention, we will miss so many of the blessings He desires to give us. And we can easily become bogged down in the heaviness of our world. One way we hear God is through other people. Sharing the conversation, faith, and joy with my friend was an amazing blessing to both of us.

I Found God today sharing faith with a friend.

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Another New Doc

Mom has an appointment today with another new neurologist. It’s been difficult since her past one retired and we haven’t trusted the one she’s been seeing. This doctor was a speaker at one of the Parkinson’s Support group a few years ago. I was glad a friend mentioned his name and that he was taking new patients. He asked lots of questions and listened carefully. He was kind, patient, and encouraging. My mom felt very comfortable with him as did I. So, we’re hoping he is one we will be able to count on.

I Found God today hopeful for a good new doctor.