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Rosary Together

When I was a child, I can remember that when the family would take a road trip, we would begin by saying the rosary. I probably didn’t appreciate it at the time, but it was meaningful enough for me to do the same as an adult. Today when my parents and I got in the car, my mom got out the rosary and we started praying. She leads the prayers, my dad reads the mysteries, and he and I respond to the prayers. It is comforting and enjoyable among the craziness that can be in the city and on the highways. And we are always grateful when we reach our destination safely.

I Found God today praying with my parents.

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My dad often comes to breakfast with a song in his head from many, many years ago in his youth. Today, one popped into my head that I learned as a child. It seemed to come out of nowhere. It was, “Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid’ll eat ivy too wouldn’t you?” I told my parents about it and my mom said she thinks of that song often. Strange. My dad had Mary Poppins, “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” running through his head. It was just a funny conversation that made us laugh.

I Found God today in laughter.

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Don’t Get Distracted

Tonight my prayer group and I read and discussed the Gospel coming up for this Sunday. Part of the scripture was a parable about a person who finds a treasure (Kingdom of God) and sells everything he has to buy the field where the treasure lies. I thought that in my own life, I certainly have encountered the Kingdom of God. But I’m not so sure I have been willing to “sell everything” for it. I have probably been in the process, perhaps even made it to the bank and received the money to purchase the field. But I also feel I am easily distracted. Something else “better” may catch my eye and I can end up going down a different path instead of going straight back to where the treasure is. I guess it is all a work in progress. The discussion did help me to recommit to trying to stay on course and not get distracted.

I Found God today realizing how I need to try to stay focused on the mission at hand.

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Generous Friend

My friend stopped by this afternoon to deliver my recent order. She makes good quality face masks that include the N95 material and offers a variety of fabrics. I have been trying to make sure my friends and family have enough to use on a regular basis. When she started out months ago, she just wanted to make sure that her family and friends were “covered” and tried to refuse payment. She gave in and realized her handiwork was really pretty valuable. Since then, she has been busy making the masks for probably hundreds of people. She told me a couple of stories about people who were desperate for the mandatory face masks in various situations, such as teachers and students. Besides earning some much needed cash for herself, she has been giving away the masks to those who are struggling. She is indeed a very generous person.

I Found God today in my generous friend.


Repair and Transformation

A neighbor came to chat while I was snipping off the dead roses this afternoon. He asked what was written on my t-shirt. I was wearing one of my Workcamp shirts from years ago. This one said, “Repair. A story of transformation”. We talked about the Workcamp experience and how the meaning of the slogan had many levels. On the surface, we were repairing homes and transforming them into a better place. As each crew worked, they offered a loving, Christian perspective to the residents, giving them an opportunity to be transformed. Together, with all the other crews, we saw a transformation in the community. By participating in the Workcamp programs, each individual was invited into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ who could repair our fears and failures. I know I was transformed during each Workcamp that I attended. Reflecting on them at this time reminded me of God’s amazing love and capability.

I Found God today remembering the transformation of Workcamp.

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Online Fun

Tomorrow is my grandson’s birthday, so we had to celebrate all together somehow. His dad – my son – connected to the online game jackbox. He shared it on our family Zoom session and we were able to play Quiplash all together. It’s more or less a guessing game. Each player answered questions such as, “What is another use for marshmallows?” Then two players went head to head with their answers and everyone else voted on their favorite. Everything showed up on the big screen for everyone to see. There were hysterical answers and lots of laughter. It was a really fun way to get together and celebrate as well.

I Found God today playing a fun game with the whole family.

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Secluded Hike

Recently, we found a book that lists several easy hikes that are not too far away. I browsed through it yesterday knowing that I would have some time to myself today. I didn’t make any definite plans. I definitely didn’t want to be in a crowded place, so I thought I would just see how I felt and what the weather was like. This morning I visited a friend for a while, then picked up some lunch. I wanted to eat somewhere outside but not in the blazing hot sun. I remembered a neighbor had just told me about a park that is full of trees that I had never been to before. That park had a trail on my hiking list, so I decided to go. When I drove in, there were a couple different directions I could have gone. At this point I was just looking for a place to sit in some shade and eat, so I headed toward the pavilion area. There was also a playground there and it was packed. The dirt road continued, so I kept going. It ended at a round about with a few picnic tables and only 5 cars. As I eyed a place to park, I noticed a trail head. I had driven directly to the hiking trail in my book. After eating my lunch, I walked the short trail. At times I was actually by myself for a few minutes and just stopped, breathed, and listened to the sounds around me. I figured God knew what I needed and led me right to it.

I Found God today enjoying nature and a secluded hike.

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Promised Peace

Over the past 2 days, I have seen a particular scripture several times from different places.

Jesus said:
“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for I am meek and humble of heart;
and you will find rest for yourselves.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”

Getting back to the “real world” after a couple days of more peace, I found these words to be exactly what I needed. And I noticed that just reading them settled my soul.

I Found God today in His reminder of peace and rest.

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Environmental Entertainment

We returned home today after spending a few days in the beauty and serenity of the mountains. We never even turned on the TV. Instead, there was plenty to view just outside. The birds at the feeders were not as plentiful as usual, but we enjoyed identifying those who came for a visit. On the other hand, the hummingbirds flitted about almost constantly, including in our faces from time to time. There were 3 curious little chipmunks that ran all over the deck collecting seeds and exploring everything that we put out there. They even came tapping on the door and climbed on the screen. Also scurrying around the ground were squirrels, a rabbit, and a couple of wild turkeys. One time as I stood quietly on the deck, I saw a small buck running down the hill. Above all the activity soared 2 golden eagles looking for an opportunity. We watched the storm clouds and the fog roll in and out. And in the evening we had the most glorious view of the sunset as it changed the clouds from white and grey to yellow, orange, pink, and a fiery red. I did not at all miss the sensational news reports and never had a real desire to know what was going on “out there”. We were surrounded with beauty, peace, and occasional comic relief all presented by Our Creator Himself.

I Found God today in the beauty and entertainment of nature.

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Highest Honors

I read a meme today that cut to my heart. It said, “To care for those who once cared for us is one of life’s highest honors.” Enough said.

I Found God today in an inspiring quote.