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The Swimsuit

I have been going to an aqua aerobics class at the YMCA pretty regularly for a while now. I also have been going through swimsuits way too fast. A couple months ago I had to buy another new one and I decided to splurge on a Speedo, hoping it would have a long life. The other day, I realized too late that I had a split in one of my fingernails, which got caught and snagged the lining of the suit. I tried to tie it off, but pulled too tight resulting in a small hole. I was devastated. Yesterday I talked to my mom about the problem and told her I was going to try to sew it up. My mom used to sew everything – including swimsuits – and recently got her old sewing machine back up and running. She said she would take care of it for me. I helped by threading the needle and tying off the loose ends. Other than that, she did sew it quite nicely. She said it felt really good to sit down and use the machine again. I wore the swimsuit today and it held up great. Another job well done by my mom.

I Found God today in my mom’s handiwork.


Who Is Your Neighbor

This morning on my phone, photos popped up from 5 years ago. They were from the last Workcamp I attended before I moved. I remember it well when I told the youth I was leaving and we all cried. Those were the best of times, best of people, best of experiences that forever changed me. As I thought about those mission trips, I became more grateful for God sightings, incredible selfless youth and adults, road trips, rainy Wednesdays, “Get Down”, daily devotions, paint fights, work accomplished, lives touched, and mostly to be a part of something MUCH bigger than myself. At Mass this morning, the Gospel reading was the parable of the Good Samaritan who helped a robbery victim when no one else would. Jesus laid out for us that people in need are our “neighbor”. I, along with thousands of others each summer, served our neighbors. It was interesting how this all tied together.

I Found God today realizing how I and thousands others served out neighbors.

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The Rodeo

It had been years since I went to the rodeo and was excited to take my son and a couple of his friends tonight. To start the evening, the president of the organization – who also happens to be an ordained minister – led the crowd in a meaningful prayer. It was just as exciting as I remembered. It is hard to believe the human body can take the kind of abuse that the bronco riders and bull riders endure. However, tonight one rider got bucked off the horse and after he was on the ground, the horse kicked him in the head. The cowboy was still on the ground while the medical team rushed to help. As they strapped him on the backboard, the MC encouraged everyone there to pray for the young man and led a short prayer himself. It seemed that the cowboy was conscious, so hopefully that was a good sign. I had a good time and it was nice to have prayer just honestly and comfortably interjected.

I Found God today in public prayer.

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Prayer on the News

My mom makes a point to listen to the local news station first thing in the morning. This morning the meteorologist was talking about the warnings and risks for the communities that will be affected by the latest tropical storm. He said to make sure to keep those people in your prayers. That comment really made an impact on my mom as she made sure that she shared it with each of us. We were surprised to hear “prayer” mentioned and encouraged on the news.

I Found God today in a public encouragement for prayer.


Yes Ma’am

My mom had physical therapy today. As her therapist was walking us out, a young man was walking in with another therapist. She asked him a question and he responded, “Yes, Ma’am.” A man said hello to him and he responded, “Hello, Sir.” My mom’s therapist said that the young man told them that his father ingrained it in him that it was proper and respectful to address others in this manner. She told him at one time that it was ok for him to call her by her first name. He responded, “Yes, Ma’am,” but really couldn’t do it. There are a lot of military people around here, and it is common to hear them use the same salutation. But it is not very often that a young person greets people in this way. I thought it was refreshing and respectful.

I Found God today in a respectful young man.

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Turtle Helper

A couple I know went on vacation and stayed on a beautiful ocean beach. Today, the husband told a story of one of his experiences. One morning he got up early to take pictures of the sunrise. Once the light hit the beach, he saw lots of tracks in the sand leading to the water. Evidently, it was sea turtle hatching season. As he meandered, he saw one set of tracks that ended in a hole. One little turtle had fallen into another large nest and couldn’t get out. He scooped up the baby and set it back on the path. Unfortunately, as he watched, a sea gull swooped down and nabbed the little one. He was devastated. He continued walking and found another set of tracks that led into a big pile of seaweed, but did not lead out. He carefully took apart the seaweed and found the baby turtle stuck in the fronds. He untangled the turtle and put him back on the ground to continue his trek. This time, he kept a close escort to ensure his safety. The burly man said not only was it fun to see the turtles begin their life, but it was an emotional experience as well.

I Found God today in a man’s experience of new life.

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Remembering the Newman Center

I remain on the mailing list for my son’s college as an alumni parent. It can be interesting to see the new programs and ideas for the school. Today I received an email from the Newman Center regarding their annual fundraiser. The mail included testimonies from the young people and photos of some of the events. It brought back memories of going to Mass with my son there and meeting many of the people who he practiced his faith with. I was then and am still grateful for the Catholic presence on the campus and that he was involved with the community there.

I Found God today remembering and being grateful for the Catholic presence at my son’s college.