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First Field Day

My daughter-in-law hosted a field day today for her daughter going into Kindergarten (hopefully) in the Fall. I saw videos and photos of her doing jumping jacks, weight lifting with water bottles, stretches and planks. There was sprinkler fun to round out the event. Later she had a celebratory milk shake for the first time. It was fun to see her having fun. My daughter-in-law was so creative and enthusiastic.

I Found God today seeing my daughter-in-law providing a fun day for her daughter.

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Virtual Memorial Day

As with everything else these days, Memorial Day was different. We heard that bugler’s were encouraged to play Taps at 3:00 in the afternoon. There was also a flyover to honor the fallen heroes and the current heroes such as first responders and medical workers. Of course many people went out and about and had the traditional BBQ. My son usually has a get together and my other son has made it a practice to fly out and visit. That didn’t happen, but my son was able to enjoy social distancing time with his wife’s family and have most of the usual activities. Here, we had a pretend BBQ as we don’t own an outdoor grill. I made shish-kabobs on the electric grill, faux-tato salad made with cauliflower, a beautiful salad with fresh veggies from my sister’s garden, and s’mores made in the microwave. We did our best to celebrate yet another virtual holiday.

I Found God today still celebrating Memorial Day.

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New Normal Sunday

My sister and son came over this morning and we all visited on the front porch with coffee and treats while social distancing. The weather was perfect before the rainstorm moved in – not too hot or too cold. It was nice to see them face to face. In the afternoon, we went to Mass – downstairs in front of the TV. We watched the priest that I know from the east coast. He is our go-to at this point as we all can hear and understand him and we always appreciate his message. Today one of the things he talked about is our place in the liturgical year. We have been celebrating the Easter season and now the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. Now we look forward to Pentecost next weekend. Even though we may have already been Confirmed in the Catholic faith, Pentecost is an opportunity to be open to receive a much needed “boost” from the Holy Spirit. I liked that there is always hope for me, always a way I can become closer to God. In the evening, my brother called Facetime from Yellowstone. He arrived there today and is excited about starting his job there for the summer. We basically had a “new normal” Sunday – visiting on the porch and via Facetime and going to church downstairs. And it was all good.

I Found God today living a “normal” Sunday.

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Back to Bartering

The other day I ordered groceries and went to pick them up in lieu of shopping in a crowded store, likely with people not respecting boundaries – particularly in preparation for the long weekend. I had planned on trying a new recipe for a cauliflower salad. However, in my groceries, there were 2 ingredients omitted – cucumber and mint. I asked my son if he would be going to the store in the next couple of days. He said he was debating as he would be in need of bananas. We carried on about how awful it is to be so stressed trying to decide whether or not to go to the grocery store for a couple of items and agreed to let each other know if we would venture out. Today I decided to look up other recipes to see if I could find an alternative. I did find one that sounded good and I had everything I needed – except bacon. I thought my son might have some and he did. I told him I would trade him some bananas that I had for some bacon. It was a deal. Our burden had been lifted, decision had been made. We both got what we needed through creative problem solving and had a good laugh.

I Found God today creatively and somewhat humorously solving a problem.

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Joyful Innocence

I saw the sweetest video today of a friend’s toddler. She was simply singing and playing. That’s all. But I thought it was the most joyful thing I had seen. The little girl didn’t have a care in the world. She was secure and safe and uninhibited. It was a welcome change from the worries and concerns of the adult world.

I Found God today in an innocent, joyful child.

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Final Send Off

My amazing friend who makes wonderful face masks got some new material with wolves on it. She figured that my brother really should have a wolf face mask for Yellowstone, so she whipped one up for him. My brother went up to the cabin a couple days ago to finish his preparations and is leaving tomorrow. I knew he was heading into one of the towns for supplies today, and thought that delivering his mask was a great excuse for taking a drive into the mountains. My parents agreed. We headed west and in only about half an hour, were well away from the now bustling city. We met my brother at the park in the quiet town located between the house and the cabin. We delivered his mask, had lunch, gave his dog a few final pets, and headed home. It felt so good to get out of the house, take a nice relaxing drive, and enjoy the short visit with my brother.

I Found God today enjoying a drive to the mountains.

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Good Talk

I have been missing the caregiver meetings that I used to attend. One of the organizations was able to coordinate an online session that I plugged into this afternoon. It was uplifting as always even with the challenges of a web meeting. Tonight I met with my prayer group on Zoom. It was so nice to be able to talk with both of these groups of people. It helps me not to feel so isolated.

I Found God today talking with others.