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Continued Jubilation

Just when we thought our celebration was over, my mom received a gift from her sister in the mail today. And both mom and dad received a card from my brother in the mail. It made them happy to continue the jubilation.

I Found God today in my parents’ joy,

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One Step Toward Jesus

My mom, brother, and I were talking this morning about how things are getting more difficult. There is that nagging fear of what is to come. I remembered a thought that helps me. I can’t think about what hardships the future might bring as that will simply rob me of enjoying the present time. Instead, I need to focus on making the current day the best it can be. That thought was confirmed as I read a reflection today by Jane Trufant Harvey, “Ask Him to help you remember not to focus on the road ahead, just take ONE step toward Jesus.”

I Found God today in a reminder to only focus on today.

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Wrapping Up Celebration Weeks

Today was my mom’s 89th birthday. She donned the tiara as we commented how she used to be a princess and now she is the queen-the matriarch of the family. We started the day with leftovers from yesterday’s party – deviled eggs and pineapple upside down cake along with fresh fruit salad with her favorite mini marshmallows. We sang her happy birthday several times during the day. She was somewhat sad that she wouldn’t be able to say “88” any more, mostly because it’s easier to say than “89”. Also today, my dad finished up a big project he has been working on for a few months. When my son moved into his new home, my dad gave him some of his framed photographs. But there is a big wall above the fireplace that needed something more. So, my dad had a 40×60 canvas print made of one his most beautiful photos of PIkes Peak with Garden of the Gods in the foreground. The picture was ready, so my brother and my dad picked it up today, brought it to my son’s and hung it on the wall. My dad added the finishing touch by signing the photo. We finished the day with the last serving of angel food cake. It was a wonderful way to conclude our weeks of celebrating my parents.

I Found God today wrapping up the celebration weeks.

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Long Awaited Visit

Today my brother came for a visit. We could not believe that we had not seen him in 2 years. He was due to come for a visit, then he got sick. After that COVID shut everything down. My sisters and son also came over and we celebrated my parents birthdays. My mom is always excited that the Kentucky Derby is near or on her birthday, so that was the theme for the day. We watched the race as we sipped mint juleps. We ate delicious food and desserts. And we hugged and talked. My dad even stayed up late visiting. It was great fun and so wonderful to be all together after such a long time.

I Found God today having a wonderful family celebration.

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Perfect Day Arrived

Today was a gorgeous day to head up to the mountains. We had been wanting to get up to the cabin and had been waiting for a day just like today. The sky was the most beautiful blue and clear. The temperature was perfect. The traffic was light. My parents, sister, son, and I all went. We enjoyed sharing memories and just being there for the day. On the way home in the evening, we saw plenty of deer and were even treated to a rare viewing of an elk herd.

I Found God today enjoying being in the mountains and at the cabin.

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Unique Individuals

Today I stopped by the hearing aid place to get some supplies for my parents. Sitting in front of me was a slim, older white man. He wore a pink baseball cap and socks with his sandals. He had a leather bag slung over one shoulder and was carrying a maroon velvet drawstring bag with gold sparkles that held his hearing aid supplies. When they called him to go in, his voice was surprisingly high and soft. A few moments later, a muscular younger black man came out of the door to call for the next patient. He was one of the health care workers. He had long dread locks and tattoos that peaked out from under his short sleeve. When he called the patient’s name, his voice was surprisingly loud and low. To me, these two men were just about as opposite as you can get. Seeing them both there made me smile and chuckle as I greatly appreciated the uniqueness of them – and each one of us.

I Found God today in a striking example of our unique individualism.

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91 Year Check Up

My dad turned 91 years old today. It was a joyful morning as he opened lovely greeting cards. Unfortunately, right before lunch he had a weird episode where he was seeing everything double. This combined with the super dizzy episode he had a couple days ago had us very concerned. So I called his PCP. The on call nurse got on the line and I knew what she would say. Potential stroke signals sent us to the ER. My mom’s friend came to stay with her while I took my dad. They did lots of tests including a CT scan and MRI. He was examined by a neurologist and physical therapist. Everyone was super nice and wished my dad happy birthday. After 5 hours, they found nothing other than “age related changes to his brain”. That was a relief. When we arrived home, my son had stopped by to say happy birthday and helped get dinner ready. Then we got on Zoom with the rest of the family to sing happy birthday while I presented the cake. We discussed my dad’s 91 year check up, which was the most complete physical I think he has ever had. There was much to be grateful for again today.

I Found God today in a loyal friend, a helpful son, loving family, kind and thorough hospital staff, and mostly that my dad was healthy enough to be home celebrating his 91st birthday.

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Best You Can Be

Tonight my parents and I watched a little bit of an interview with the astronauts on the space station. Some people here on earth were able to ask them questions. One person asked Victor Glover what he would say to people of color about their abilities to become the next astronauts. He gave a great answer, though I am unable to find or remember the exact quote. Basically he said he would encourage every person, no matter who they are, to be the best they can be. He said if you look at the news, you can see that what the world needs right now is for each person to give the very best they have. Such truth.

I Found God today in encouragement to be my best.

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Free Yummy Food

The other day I received an invitation for a food truck event to be held at a newly opened senior housing center. I talked with my parents and friend about going and they thought it sounded like a fun adventure. So I called in our RSVP. My mom’s friend came to visit today and play the piano. At lunch time, we headed over to the facility where we were greeted by one of the employees who directed us where to park. We checked in at the table and received tickets for the 3 food trucks that were available in the parking lot. We each were treated to one item off the menu from each truck. We got a full meal from a BBQ vendor, a full Hawaiian meal, and a cupcake. We brought all our goodies home and chose some for lunch. We had another choice for dinner, and still have some left over. It was a fun adventure and I was grateful for the good food and the break I got from cooking.

I Found God today in free yummy food.

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Double Hugs

Our neighbors came over tonight to celebrate my parents. When they arrived, we hugged. It was then that we realized it had been over a year since we visited in the house and hugged one another. We hugged again. It was wonderful.

I Found God today getting double hugs.