Enjoyed Valentines

Usually on Valentine’s day I make red heart pancakes. This year my sister sent me a different idea. So we started the day with a breakfast of eggs topped with bacon twisted and baked into a heart shape. I figured nothing says “love” like heart shaped meat. At church (online) the priest prayed especially for […]

Collective Family Wisdom

My dad has been pondering a situation that needs some kind of resolution. This afternoon we had our weekly Zoom session with the family. Almost everyone was present. My dad brought up the issue and we had a really great conversation. There was collective wisdom in the family and a potential settlement that wasn’t thought […]

Finishing Lent

As we watched the Easter Sunday Mass this morning, I thought about how we had celebrated Holy Week. I think that praying with Pope Francis last week really set the tone. We watched Masses celebrated with the Pope, our own pastor at our parish, and from my previous parish where I used to live. Each […]

Out to the Zoo

This afternoon I had the opportunity to get out for a little while. My son came and picked me up. We took advantage of the mild weather and went to the zoo. It felt great to get outside, take a good walk, and be entertained by the animals. I was grateful for my son’s company […]

Tolkien Poem to Mary

Today a friend shared a poem that JRR Tolkien wrote about the Blessed Virgin Mary and the birth of Jesus Christ. I read it and thought it was beautiful. This evening, my parents and I went to church to celebrate the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. To my surprise, the […]

Extraordinary Day

Today was a great day hanging out with my son, daughter in law, and grandkids. We got up late and took the day as it came. We were entertained by their parakeets as they let them out of their cage for a while. The two of them seemed to be racing as they flew around […]

Long Travel Day

I took a long trip today, driving to the airport in the dark of the morning and arriving at my son’s on the east coast in the dark of night. I left one set of family members and was met by my grandchildren. I haven’t seen them in about a year. Even though we video […]

How Beautiful

Today at church we sang, “How Beautiful”, in reference to the Body of Christ. I love that song as it is, but while it was being sung, I looked at my mother and the words took on another meaning. Then I noticed in front of us was a man with Downs Syndrome. His mother (I’m […]

Another St. Anthony Answer

Yesterday I talked with a friend who lost a very precious rosary. I told her the story of when my son lost his rosary. He was about 9 years old and had brought it to school. He went through every pocket in his backpack and again when we got home. It was not to be […]

Beauty in Care

Today as my mom participated in her exercise class, I hung out with a couple of the caregivers. One in particular was talking about how her children and grandchildren see the struggle of the disease and her struggle to care for her husband and herself. Another woman added that they are also seeing her love, […]