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Missing Loved Ones

One of the scripture readings at church today was the famous, “Road to Emmaus” story. Jesus’ disciples saw him die and leave them “forever”. They were missing him tremendously – until He showed up. Then everything changed. The deacon who gave the homily compared the feeling that Jesus’ friends had to the way we feel […]

Returning From Graduation

I picked up my sister from the airport this evening after her whirlwind of a trip to see her son graduate from boot camp. She came back to the house and told my parents and I all about the event. My nephew had professional pictures taken and bought tons of them to share around. I will […]

Boot Camp Grad

Today is my dad’s 87th birthday. It is also the day that my nephew graduated from Navy boot camp. A few months ago, my dad found a picture of his father exactly 100 years ago at the same base where my nephew was. It all came together in perfect circumstances. My dad planned on attending […]

A Gentle Spirit

I took my mom to physical therapy today. Shortly after she started exercising, a woman came in pushing a woman in a wheelchair who was severely disabled. I was sitting in a chair against a wall and had a view of the whole room as I watched my mom. I did watch some of what […]

Fabulous Friends

Today I was able to meet up with a couple from my previous home. Her parents live there and his parents live here. I found out a couple of years ago that we had this connection and it was fun to talk about it at that time. I don’t think I ever imagined that we would […]

He’s a Sailor

This is my nephew’s final week of Navy boot camp. My sister waited anxiously for the phone call telling her that he completed the training. He was on my mind today as well. This afternoon, I took a look at the clock and told my dad that my sister should be getting the phone call any […]

No More Mass

Today I received a call from a friend who was recently in a car accident. When the doctors checked her all over, they found a mass in her esophagus. Her orthopedic surgeon did not want to do surgery on her broken arm until they resolved the mass. I have been praying hard for her along […]