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Growing and Loving

Today I saw that a young woman I knew was proud to officially be part of the Peace Corps. i also saw that it was the birthday of a young man I know who is now a proud husband and daddy. It warms my heart to see good young people grow into loving, giving young […]

Beautiful Music Together

This evening I was searching through the TV channels to see if there was a Christmas show on when I heard my mom start playing Christmas music on the piano. After a couple of moments, my dad started singing. In a little while, my mom joined in as well. I thought there was nothing better […]

Extreme Coffee Experience

My mom had her final physical therapy appointment this morning. She has had another amazing recovery in 4 weeks from a very painful episode of sciatica and bursitis. As we have driven back and forth, we noticed a particular drive through coffee shop always had a huge line. We thought we should try the drinks […]

Fast Response

My brother called this afternoon to check in. He has been on the road traveling for over a year straight now. We talk to him a couple of times a week to virtually travel with him as he keeps us up to date on where he is, what he is doing, and what he plans […]

What’s Needed to be Happy

The other day, a friend and I were talking about how necessary it is to have a positive attitude. “Happiness is a choice,” she said. She went on to give examples of people in her life who made themselves miserable mostly by focusing on the things they were struggling with. That was the topic of […]

Into the Font

Our “place” in church is near the entrance, just past the doors, near the Baptismal font. The rows of chairs there are easy to get in and out of and are more comfortable for my mom than the pews a few rows further up. The font is a quite elaborate 2 tiered large fountain. The […]


Today my mom and dad were able to get out for a walk before the weather turned too cold. In the complex where we live, the street is a large circle that goes to each home. At the other end of the complex are the mailboxes. When my parents reached the halfway point, my mom […]

Making Wreaths

A couple of weeks ago, I saw that one of the local florists was having an event that included making a Christmas wreath. I asked my sisters if they would be interested. One sister told me that she knew how to make them and had supplies to do so. She even used to host classes […]

Grateful for the Past

Each Thanksgiving is different from the next. My sister brought her computer over today and we took a trip down memory lane as we looked at pictures from previous holidays. We talked about and remembered the good and the bad memories that came from each one. As I thought about this, I realized that every […]

Bluest Sky

We made a quick trip to the cabin today. This morning, the weather forecaster said the sky would be clear all day long. He was right. The further we went into the mountains and the higher we went in altitude, the sky just kept turning more blue. It was noticeable and vibrant. Occasionally we would […]