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Into the Font

Our “place” in church is near the entrance, just past the doors, near the Baptismal font. The rows of chairs there are easy to get in and out of and are more comfortable for my mom than the pews a few rows further up. The font is a quite elaborate 2 tiered large fountain. The upper level is just the right height for adults to reach and they use this for the Baptisms. It runs down to the lower basin which is level to the floor. The children love that it is easy for them to touch. From our usual “place”, we see a lot of commotion. This morning, a woman came in with 5 children and sat in the back row of pews. The youngest toddler was quite active, constantly moving and chattering. At one point, the woman took the baby and the next child in line out to the restroom. When they came back in, the little boy got away from her and headed straight into the Baptismal font. He actually climbed in. The mother reached him pretty quickly and got him out. There were many gasps from the people around. I thought I should go help her, but one of the ushers sprang into action and helped her get the 2 little ones out the doors. When they came back in, the little boy had his pants rolled up and his shoes were on, but the socks were not. In the mean time, the other 3 kids didn’t seem to worry. The rest of the Mass, I watched the mom continue to try to keep the 2 young ones in line. I remembered the stories my mom told me of her taking us 5 kids to church. I figured both my mom and the woman were receiving extra blessings.

I Found God today in a persistent mom and a helpful usher.

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