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Graduation and Family

Well, it has been 2 weeks since I last posted as I arrived for my son’s college graduation. It has been a whirlwind of 2 weeks, full of excitement, anticipation, activity and emotion. During the next few days, I will attempt to recount some highlights. My son has been dating his girlfriend for most of the 5 […]

So Far, So Good

It was a long day of travel today. I left my house early and took the shuttle to the airport. I think the driver was a stunt car driver in a previous life as we got to the airport in record time. After that experience, I was happy to find a quiet place to sit […]

The Music Flowed

My mom and her friend played the piano together today as they do every Tuesday. Today they played exceptionally beautiful. As we talked about it later in the day, my mom said she could feel the difference. She continues to play best she can, but it is often a struggle. She said she get frustrated […]

St. Anthony Comes Through

Last week, my mom realized that she was missing a ring she wore to church. It was a “mother’s ring” that included the birthstones of each of her 5 children. She thought it was tight enough not to fall off and she didn’t remember taking it off herself. We called the church, but no one […]

Daughter to Mother

On this Mother’s Day, my parent’s gave me a card and wrote in it, “The daughter becomes the mother.” I guess that is true in some ways, but my mom will always be the mother. I cook, do some cleaning, and do my best to make sure everyone is taken care of. But my mom is […]

Blessing of Siblings

My sister is getting ready to sell her house. Today my brother and other sister went to help her do some more work. My mom, dad, and I went to the Parkinson’s Support group. This is the first time that my dad has come and while it was an overwhelming amount of information, he seemed […]

Grateful for Mentors

Today a friend of mine celebrated his 10th anniversary of being ordained a priest. He shared some pictures of the ordination on social media. As I browsed the pictures, I saw one of him with my son. At the time, my son was an altar server at the church and the priest asked if he […]

Almost Finished

My son called me early this morning and announced that he had completed his last class in his college career. He has some final touches to finish a couple of papers and that will be that. After 5 years, it doesn’t quite feel like reality to him yet. He told me about conversations he has […]

Sun Shine on My Face

The sky was overcast with thick clouds early this morning I was driving to an appointment. I was listening to the Christian radio which I always find uplifting. The song, Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace was being introduced. She said that when she was having a bad day, she would tell her father that this was […]

Old Piano Teacher

Today my parents and I had lunch with a couple of my mom’s music friends. They were all piano teachers. While they were teaching, they also all took lessons from the same person. My mom was in her 40’s when she started learning from the older and more experienced woman. Even though my mom is an […]