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Uplifting Weekend

About 35 years ago I started working a 5 year stent at Target. During that time, I became good friends with many of my coworkers. We would get together, celebrate milestones, camp, and even travel together. We had a lot of fun, but also had serious life conversations. From early on, we always called one […]

St. Neighbor

We quickly became friends with our neighbors when they moved in several years ago. They are kind, generous, faithful, and have lots of great stories to tell. Recently, I have been asking the husband to take care of some things that I just can’t do. My mom and I were talking about him at dinner. […]

Nick of Time

The dentist office is one of my least favorite places to go. Ever. Without elaborating, I had an appointment this morning. I prayed before and during the procedure that all would go well. I left feeling ok. However, things didn’t go as they were supposed to, so I dropped back in. I got there just […]

Piece of the Puzzle

I saw a quote from Toby Mac in a couple different places, so it seemed like an important message to hear and the share: “You are part of a puzzle in someone’s life. You may never know where you fit, but someone’s life may never be complete without you in it.” I Found God today […]

Good St. Anne

From the Divine Office of daily readings: “Today the Church honors Saints Joachim and Anne, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the maternal grandparents of Jesus. The accounts of this holy couple in the apocryphal fourth-century Proto-evangelium of James deliver the consistent message that this couple infused wisdom, virtue, and a love for […]

Taking Flight

We have so much enjoyed watching the pair of Red-Tailed Hawks over the past few months as they built their nest on the tall pine tree in our yard and raised a single chick. During the last few weeks, the fledgling has grown considerably and we can see the difference in it every day. It […]

Son’s Strength

My son participated in a weight lifting competition today. He truly has been gifted with physical strength. I was grateful that my brother was here to keep my mother company so I could go watch my son in person. I was amazed at how the competitors were able to lift near 3 times their own […]

Anticipating an Adventure

Today we had a birthday party for my grandson who turned 15 years old. We had his favorite food – taco salad. And his mom made an amazing Oreo cake. For gifts, instead of “stuff”, a couple of us are taking him on adventures. It’s fun for both of us to go out and have […]

Difficult Travel

My son and his family took a trip last week to visit friends and family that they left last summer when they moved here. It’s always a challenge to travel almost coast to coast, even more so with three children. Their return trip proved to be as difficult. The first flight of two was delayed. […]


It was another sweltering day, but my sister and I planned on taking a hike this morning. However, it was difficult to find the trailhead in the little town in the foothills. It was even harder to find a place to park. We ended up in the downtown area where we could pick up the […]