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Difficult Travel

My son and his family took a trip last week to visit friends and family that they left last summer when they moved here. It’s always a challenge to travel almost coast to coast, even more so with three children. Their return trip proved to be as difficult. The first flight of two was delayed. When they finally made it to their first destination, they were literally minutes too late to catch the next flight. The plane was still there, but everything was closed up and they couldn’t get on. They ended up having to stay in a hotel overnight. Thankfully, they were able to catch the first flight out, though that left little sleep. They arrived in the state this morning and after rounding up their luggage and their car, they had an hour and a half drive. Once they finally made it home, they were exhausted. I was happy to drop by for a quick visit and bring them some food. It was good to see them.

I Found God today happy that my son and family made it home safe after difficulty traveling.

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