I turned the news on briefly tonight to see if they were showing the local annual Parade of Lights. While it was on, they highlighted an organization called RAWtools. They take donated and surrendered guns and make garden tools out of them. As I listened, I thought of the scripture in Isaiah 2:4, ““They will […]

There Is No Other

This morning I prayed with Isaiah 45:15-25. The words, “I am the Lord, there is no other,” reminded me that it was the theme for a retreat I took the high school youth to many years ago as a youth minister. I was immediately taken back to the place, the summer heat, the music, the […]

Meaningful Generational Time

Every year our church gives people the opportunity to purchase gifts for children who need them. Each year I take tags off the “Giving Tree” that correspond to the ages of my grandchildren. This year, since my grandchildren are here, I invited them to come shopping with me. This afternoon my mom and I met […]

Wisdom of Caregivers

Today was the last day of the most recent caregiver class that I have been attending. This one focused on processing your emotions and came at the perfect time – of course. The last thing we talked about was what we would take away from the sessions. There was so much wisdom in the group. […]

Waiting But Not

First Sunday of Advent already. I heard and read several different reflections on the day. I especially enjoyed watching a video by a priest that my family loves. What I came to understand is that Advent is a time of waiting for both the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and for the day […]

Made the Visit

It has been hectic for my son and his family since they moved here. They had been looking forward to visiting my dad, but COVID, new job and schools, illnesses, and trying to get settled in a new house kept everyone very busier than anticipated. Today my son and his wife made the time to […]

A Different Thanksgiving

I was so grateful that my son and daughter in law offered to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. Yesterday my grandson came over and we made some desserts. All of them were brand new recipes. My grandson made brownies embellished with Andes candy. He had an idea and wanted to try it out. We made […]

Glad He’s Recovering

My family was surprised when my sister announced that she and her husband were selling their farm. They got an offer on the house at just the right time. My brother in law unexpectedly had to have surgery. And right before that he threw his back out so badly that he couldn’t even stand up. […]

Great-grandma sitting

I had two online meetings that I wanted to attend today, but I felt bad leaving my mom to tend to herself for that length of time. So I asked the family if anyone would like to come over and spend some time with her. Both my grandson’s came over for a couple of hours. […]

Another Unexpected Meeting

A while ago a friend of mine said she had many Christian books that her mother had collected. She offered them to people who were interested. I said I would like some especially for my grandchildren. Today the box of books arrived. I enjoyed perusing them until I reached the bottom. The last book was […]