Most Real

My parents and I listened to a very powerful and relevant homily today. The priest talked about how easily we are distracted by things that are “less real” substituting for things that are “most real”. He used our computers for example – specifically our phones. Sometimes when we are visiting with other people in real […]

Thankful for Setbacks

Today a family member sent a poem that speaks to most of us right now. Thanksgiving may look quite different for many, but being grateful for our perceived “setbacks” is just as important as being grateful for the good times. They are both blessings. Be Thankful-Poet UnknownBe thankful that you don’t already have everything you […]

Not Comfortable Here

In skimming my emails today, a paragraph from an advertised blog caught my eye: The world is not a very comfortable place right now. Now, it could certainly be worse (although I don’t usually find that reminder too terribly comforting); but it has also definitely been better. To say that the difficulties, tragedies, injustices, and […]

History of Faith

The church I used to work for is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary. We watched the Mass there today as we do most weeks. A gentleman spoke who has completed a history of the church. When I worked there, I was keenly aware of those who had come before me. For many years my office and […]

Hard Worker

Since my mother’s last episode with diverticulitis that started several weeks ago, she has been doing her best to eat well, rest well, and exercise. Today she felt up to joining her online exercise class. She had not participated in 2 months or longer. It was a good physical workout. It was also very good […]

Lasting Forever

I read a blog today about a woman named Annie Flack who recently passed away and had made a tremendous impact on a Christian community. She was quoted by something she said every day that can sum up our entire life: Only one life, will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last. […]

Righteousness, Justice, Peace

Tonight in my Bible class, we continued our study of the prophet Isaiah. After the tumultuous week our country has experienced regarding the election, the words from the prophet rang true. Time and time again, Isaiah exhorts the people not to put their trust in men, nations, governments, but to place their trust in God. […]

What Do You See Nurses

I read a story today that really touched my heart, especially as I do the best I can to care for my parents: When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value. Later, when the […]

Green Pick-up Truck

When my dad and I were walking to the mailbox today, we came upon our neighbor with her 2 year old grandson. He was adorable. He showed us the pick up truck that he was carrying and playing with. It was green – my favorite color and his daddy’s too. His vocabulary was impressive. As […]

Isaiah Has Foretold

Tonight in my Bible class, we studied parts of the book of Isaiah – the Oracles of the Nations. These passages are the prophet’s warning to all the nations of the know world at that time. He outlines the destruction of each country and the reasons. For the most part, the nations have been prideful. […]