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Love is Patient . . .

One of my favorite scriptures was read at church today – 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. It includes “Love is patient, love is kind . . . ” These words remind me of how I should be conducting myself. It also reminds me of how I should be treated and not to allow myself to be run over […]

Do For the Least Ones

Today I went to a meeting to find out about a new program at my church that is geared toward helping teens who are in foster care. A mom who fostered teen boys spoke to us about her experience and what might be expected behavior. She has fostered over 70 young men. She talked about the […]

Ask Siri

So last night while I was at dinner with my friend, I kept my phone out . . . just in case my parents had to contact me. I checked it from time to time and was pleased that there were no emergency calls. Later, my parents told me what happened while I was gone. […]

What is Success

A good friend and I went to dinner tonight to celebrate her birthday. We have been friends for about 25 years now and have always had a great time when we get together. She is one of those people that attract and/or intrigue other people. The hostess in the restaurant sat us at a booth in the bar. […]

Transcending Time

I continued the “retreat” again tonight. The topic we discussed most was the “Divine Eternity” of God. In our life on this earth, we have time. The natural rotations of the Earth give us days, months, and years. However, with God, there is no “time” as we know it. A few weeks ago, my dad read […]

Good Friend Connection

Many years ago I moved to a new location and found a new church. I met a woman who became one of my best friends. Together we worked with the teenagers in the parish, trying to start up some type of youth ministry. Neither of us knew exactly what we were doing, but exposed the […]

Getting to Know You

Today I got a picture of my 5 month old granddaughter from my son. I have only seen her in person when she was a newborn. I do get to see her via video chat and as she gets older she is more interested in what is going on. In the picture I received, she […]

Receiving Relief

I woke up way before dawn this morning with a terrible stomach ache. You know – the kind that keeps you awake as you try to figure out exactly how sick you are. I finally decided that it would be a good idea to put on my rosary app. I nodded off and on as […]

Laughing Day

One of my daily prayers is to be joyful. There are so many things daily to be concerned, frustrated, angry, sad, or worried about. As I have said in the past, I don’t want to live that way and I don’t want to live in fear of what the future will bring. So, I pray […]

Talking to Sons

My older son called this morning and we talked for a long time about everything that was going on. Also this morning my younger son and his girlfriend traveled back to college after their long break. They were driving right through the “Big Storm” but left early in the morning to avoid the snow. When […]