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Playing Kickball Together

My two sons are 12 years apart in age. Today, my younger son called and said that he had his first kickball game this evening and that his brother was going to be on the team too. We joked about how they are finally playing kickball together after all these years. I got thinking about […]

Video Fun

My granddaughter came over today after school. Several times when I have seen her, she is holding up her arm as she pretends she is holding a phone and making a video. Today, we actually made a little video together. It was fun to do and fun to watch back. She is so clever and […]

Food with Family and Friends

Things were pretty hectic around here at the time of both my sisters’ birthdays. So we decided that we needed to have a sister outing. Today we met up for lunch at a fancy fondue restaurant. We had fun dipping in the cheese and cooking pieces of meat in the broth. It was nice to […]

Just a Walk

This afternoon my daughter in law called and said she was going to walk to the school to pick up her daughter at the end of the school day. She asked if we wanted to join her. So after my mom’s nap, we got out in the warm Spring air and walked to the school. […]

Excited to Exhausted

Yesterday evening my son’s and families came over for pizza and games. Some of the guys played chess. Some of us girls played Candy Land because that’s my granddaughter’s favorite. A fun time was had by all. My mom in particular really enjoys being with the kids. She was pretty tired going to bed and […]

Consecration of Russia and Ukraine

Today was the Solemnity of the Annunciation. It was also the day Pope Francis chose to consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When Mary appeared to the children at Fatima, this was one of her requests, but it was to be done a certain way. I’m not exactly sure of the […]

Ageless Entertainment

My grandchildren were on school break this week and I wanted to get together with them for some fun. The big question was, where can you bring a 6-year old girl, a 14-year old boy, their mom, me, and an 89-year old woman in a wheelchair? To the sporting goods store – of course! I […]

This and That

My mom and I had no plans for the day and nowhere we needed to be. So we stayed at home and did this and that. I just kind of went from one thing to another, taking care of whatever needed taking care of. Usually I have a plan for what I want to accomplish […]

World Down Syndrome Day

I’m a day late, but realized that yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day. According to their website, it is celebrated on March 21—a date chosen to represent the chromosomal arrangement found in Down Syndrome the twenty-first day of the third month. I saw many posts in particular from a friend whose daughter has Down Syndrome […]

Russia’s Consecration

During my Bible class tonight, the teacher told us that Pope Francis will be consecrating Russia and the Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of May on March 25, the Solemnity of the Annunciation. Pope Francis is imploring the faithful to pray fervently, particularly leading up to the consecration. I was glad to hear that he […]