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Ageless Entertainment

My grandchildren were on school break this week and I wanted to get together with them for some fun. The big question was, where can you bring a 6-year old girl, a 14-year old boy, their mom, me, and an 89-year old woman in a wheelchair? To the sporting goods store – of course! I had heard of a new place that wasn’t too far but had never been there. It was quite something. Outside there were some giant statues of people participating in different sports as well as some life sized ones. There was a statue of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They even had a military tribute with the seals of all the military branches. Then we went inside where we were greeted by a giant salt water aquarium. It included three pillars and archways that you could walk under and see the fish above you. We went in a little further and saw the main attraction; a ferris wheel. My granddaughter was excited to go on – until she got closer. So my grandson and his mom took a ride. My mom, granddaughter and I went to the top floor to watch them. Then we checked out the museum type wildlife scene and found all the hidden animals. My mom and I perused the home decor while the kids played a couple video games. Then we all had lunch at the cafe and even bought some fudge. I was so happy that this diverse group with an 83 year age gap all had such a fun time together.

I Found God today having fun with family.

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