Sweet Girls

I had a chance to go to the mall today. It has been quite a long time since I walked around there, so I meandered to see what had changed – which was a lot. At one end of the mall was a small play place for kids. There were structures to climb on, slide […]

Cabin Cuteness

My mom and I made an impromptu trip to the cabin today to check on a couple of things. The air was crisp and the sky was blue – perfect for a drive. The new car was amazing. It was comfortable for my mom, able to hold everything we needed, and handled beautifully on the […]

On a Tangent

When my mom’s friend comes over, she is always prepared with news and topics for conversation. Usually we go off on tangents during our visits. I look things up on the internet and we confirm facts or learn new things. Today she talked about a book she was reading that was historical fiction. It included […]


Since it was St Patrick’s Day today, after my mom got dressed in her green attire, she went through her song books and played Irish songs on the piano. I loved listening to her play. For my part, I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen. I made Guinness beef stew and two […]

Importance of Prayer Time

I listened to a reflection this morning on the importance of prayer time. They said that the more we pray, the more we know God and His love for us. The more we know God, the less we are distracted by the happenings around us. We chase the things that we think will make us […]

Both the Birds

For the last couple of days, we have been watching one hawk bringing sticks into the nest. Today we saw both the birds together. They were very busy this morning and we watched them for about 2 hours before they left for the day. They took turns breaking sticks and twigs off the neighboring leafless […]

Watching Kids

My mom and I were out today and took the opportunity to go to lunch. After we were seated, a large group of families came in. The adults sat at the long table near us and the kids sat in a couple of booths. My mom was facing the booths and enjoyed watching the kids. […]

They’re Back

Ever since our hawks – I call them “ours” because they made a nest in our tree – left last Fall, we have been wondering if they would return to the nest for mating season. I have been keeping a close eye out because this was about the time we saw them last year, but […]

Most Energetic

I hated waking my mom up this morning, she was sleeping so soundly. But she has a haircut appt. When she got up, she said she had really slept well. We only had time for her to get ready and eat breakfast before getting in the car for her appointment. Having her hair washed, cut […]

Sister Talk

My mom and her sister keep in touch via email and my social media posts. It has been a very long time since they talked on the phone. The last time they did, both of them had a very hard time hearing the other. We had been thinking about giving my aunt a call and […]