As our time staying at home keeps ticking by, we are finding ways to do things as “normal” as possible. This morning after breakfast and everyone was dressed, we made our way downstairs to the big TV and found the website to our parish. We were able to watch and participate in Mass celebrated by […]

Day Out

The other day, my dad and brother realized that the computer in the cabin wasn’t transmitting the data that it should be. So, this morning they decided to take a drive up there. They said that there were some cars in town, but the further out they went, the less they saw. They made it […]

All About Physics

My parents didn’t sleep well last night, so my dad was pretty tired this morning and not really looking forward to his appointment with the Home Health Care Occupational Therapist. She was to evaluate the progress my dad made and discharge him from that area. But when she arrived, my dad perked up a little. […]

No Control

I talked with a friend of mine today whose mother has been having some health issues. She was in the hospital for a couple of days and will now be following up with assorted specialists. They are still looking for definite answers and potential treatments. My friend was understandably upset about the situation. As we […]

Man Spa

Before my dad had his stroke, he had decided to let his hair grow out some. It was getting pretty long, then he ended up in the hospital and rehab for about 4 weeks. During that time, he kept saying how he couldn’t wait to get it cut. My brother promised that they would go […]

My Bed

Since my dad came home from rehab, I have been camping out on the sofa at night so I am present when needed. My sister came for a visit today and is taking over the sofa position. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in my bed and anticipating a good night’s sleep. I […]

Sweetest Valentine

A couple weeks ago, my crafty sister brought some valentine cards over for my mom to work on. They spent an hour or so cutting and pasting and deciding who to give them to. Yesterday, my dad sadly apologized for not having a valentine for my mom. I suggested that he might be able to […]