God is Outside

I am so blessed to be living in such a gorgeous place. We can count on there being sunshine almost every day of the year. My dad in particular loves sitting on the porch and was outside much of the day today. A friend started reading the diary of Anne Frank and shared a couple […]

On Task

I had a difficult time during my last semester of Bible class. When my dad had the stroke, I fell way behind. It was a marathon to get the reading and homework completed. But, with the encouragement of my teacher, I got it done. The new school year started last week. I was able to […]

Fun Afar

My son came over for a visit today. It is always good to see him, to talk and laugh. He told me about some games that he plays online with his brother and nephews. I thought about the effort it took to stay in touch with my brothers, sisters, and my parents when we all […]

Change of Disposition

I visited a friend on Zoom tonight. She is going through a very hectic time right now as she is trying to get her house ready to sell. She’s also coordinating her move across the country. As she described the things she is struggling with, I could see the stress on her face. Then we […]

Playground Joy

As I was out running an errand today, I drove by the elementary school near the house. There were lots of children playing outside in the big playground they use for a ball field. Many of them had the large round playground balls that they were throwing around. It has been months since I have […]

A Smell

“I smell something!” The words were loud and excited coming from my mother’s mouth. Followed by, “I haven’t smelled anything for 20 years!” Losing her sense of smell was one of the first symptoms she experienced as Parkinson’s started rearing it’s ugly head. I asked if it was a good smell or a bad one. […]

Being Family

The other day, my granddaughter celebrated her 5th birthday. Today she received the package we sent, so we set up a video chat to watch her open it. We sent a sun hat that looked just adorable on her. And we sent a cloth book of prayers. While we were talking with her mom, we […]

Yummy Delivery

We spent a few days at the cabin. While we were gone, my sister came by and delivered some fresh veggies and eggs. When we got home today, I opened the refrigerator to put away some food and saw the new food. It was a wonderful sight and made me smile. I Found God today […]

Humor Me

My mom’s friend came over today and brought along a couple pages of funny puns. There were several eye-rollers, but all of them made us laugh. Here is one of my favorites, “I changed my iPad’s name to Titanic. It’s syncing now.” Laughter really does feel good. I Found God today in laughter.

Blessing of a Friend

I was surprised today to receive a card in the mail from a friend. It was just a note of encouragement and included a story and scripture about friendship. She wrote, “Just wanted you to know what a blessing you are!” That was an incredible blessing to me. I Found God today in the blessing […]