Time For Me

One of the things they reiterate in all my caregiving lessons is how important it is to take care of yourself so you have the energy and stamina to care for your loved ones. Today my sister came to stay the weekend. So this afternoon, I went to the gym and learned a new workout […]

Contagious Happiness

This morning after my aqua aerobics class, I sat in the hot tub for a few minutes. When I arrived, a couple of other people were already there. One of the men was talking about a Santa Claus Convention. He wasn’t a participant of the convention itself, but was able to see some of it […]

Moms and Kids

My mom participated in an exercise class at the YMCA today. I decided to sit out in the hall and continue reading. The hall also connected to 2 rooms of child care for those moms who were using the facility. During my time there, several moms came and picked up their children. All of them […]

Loving My Nephew

My nephew in the Navy was here for a visit. He and my son came over for the afternoon. I love being with them together as they carry on and on and laugh hysterical about whatever. When my nephew joined the Navy a couple years ago, he wasn’t really sure where it would take him […]

Seeing Jesus

In my Bible class tonight, my teacher told a story about a monk who wanted to see Jesus before he died. While in prayer, Jesus said He would meet the man the next day. The following day, the monk awaited eagerly in his room to meet with Jesus. He didn’t attend Mass as usual. He […]

No Shoveling

We had a beautiful snow storm here that started overnight last night. According to the forecasts, it should have stopped snowing early this afternoon. We had at least 8″ of snow stacked up on the porch railing. In the housing complex, there is a contract to have the snow shoveled off the sidewalks and in […]

Playing Wii

It has been a long time since we played the Wii. The cold and snowy weather today kept us in, so we took the opportunity and turned on the game. I started playing and could definitely tell that I was out of practice. Then my mom got on for a while. She decided she wanted […]