Help at the Nursery

We seemed to finally have a string of nice weather, so today my mom and I decided to go to the plant nursery. I think half the city decided to do the same thing as the place was packed with people looking for flowers, seedlings, vegetable starters, and everything a person needs to garden. Luckily […]

Food Experiments

My sister and I have been talking about what delicious things we can make from her toffee. One of them was toffee popcorn. We tried several experiments using the toffee in different ways – melted, large pieces, tiny crumbs, baked, etc. Some were successful, most were not, but we had fun doing it. Later in […]

Prodigal Son

As I said yesterday, my travelling brother returned and will be staying in the area now for a while. We enjoyed having his company and hearing more stories about his adventures in person. I also appreciated his help and conversation in the kitchen. And we forgot how much fun it was to have his dog […]

Weight Lifted

When my mom got up this morning, she said she was feeling really good – better than she has in a few months. She said she felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of her. When my dad got up he exclaimed that it was a beautiful day, and a beautiful life. […]

Finished the Book

My dad has been working on putting together a genealogy scrapbook of the most pertinent information. For over a year now, he has been sorting out and scanning pictures, newspaper articles, memorabilia, and information from assorted sources. Whenever my sister the creative artist comes to visit, they spent time working on it. Today, they finally […]

A Meaningful Moment

Today I received a picture from a friend with her family. Her son had been trying to decide what career path to follow and specifically if he wanted to join a branch of the military. The picture showed him as a new airman straight out of boot camp. He looked great with a big smile. […]

Happy People

Today my dad and I ran a few errands including a stop at the bank. The workers who greeted us were cheery as usual. My dad ended up having quite a conversation with the teller while I waited and people watched. Everyone who came into the bank also seemed to be joyful. They held the […]