Turn in the Nest

We have been entertained by watching the red-tailed hawks that have built a nest in one of the large pine trees in the yard. They get a little louder and more vocal every day. I know the couple takes turns sitting in the nest and flying around. Sometimes they are hunting and bring back tidbits […]

Tea and a Game

We wrapped up our month long celebration with a busy day. This afternoon the 4 generations of girls – my mom, me and my 2 sisters, my daughter in law, and my granddaughter – all went to a fancy tea. It was held in a castle that used to belong to the founder of the […]

Sister’s Conversing

My mom called her sister tonight. They both have a very hard time hearing one another, so tonight we decided to use my cell phone. Right from the beginning, they held a good conversation. My mom was talking especially loud and my aunt was also loud and clear. I was so happy it went well. […]

Unbelievable Race

Today my mom, sister, and I watched the Kentucky Derby. It is one of my mom’s favorite annual events. We discussed how each horse looked as they were getting ready and which one we thought would win. The result was unbelievable as the horse that wasn’t even scheduled to be in the race until yesterday […]

Mom’s 90th

Today we started celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday! After we went to church, we met most of the family at Carrabba’s restaurant – my mom’s choice. She always looks forward to being with everyone and loves how the family is growing. We got a bottle of wine to toast her and she probably had a […]

It’s Been Years

I had dinner with a group of friends tonight who I haven’t seen since before the COVID lockdowns. I couldn’t believe that 2 years had passed. But just like always, there was a lot of laughter and a lot of caring. I really missed seeing them all. It was such a blessing to get back […]

Fab Five

Our family Zoom session this afternoon consisted of me, my siblings, and my mom. So there were 5 windows on the screen, one for each child. We named ourselves the “original 5” or the “fab 5”. At one point, my mother realized that fact. She said this was the “first time” she ever saw the […]

Video Fun

My granddaughter came over today after school. Several times when I have seen her, she is holding up her arm as she pretends she is holding a phone and making a video. Today, we actually made a little video together. It was fun to do and fun to watch back. She is so clever and […]

Excited to Exhausted

Yesterday evening my son’s and families came over for pizza and games. Some of the guys played chess. Some of us girls played Candy Land because that’s my granddaughter’s favorite. A fun time was had by all. My mom in particular really enjoys being with the kids. She was pretty tired going to bed and […]

Ageless Entertainment

My grandchildren were on school break this week and I wanted to get together with them for some fun. The big question was, where can you bring a 6-year old girl, a 14-year old boy, their mom, me, and an 89-year old woman in a wheelchair? To the sporting goods store – of course! I […]