Sweet Surprise

When the doorbell rang this afternoon, I figured it was a delivery of some kind. But, as I walked to the door, I didn’t see a delivery person running away. I opened the door and there was, in fact, a real person there. It was one of our neighbors. She had in her hands a […]

The Greenhouse Effect

Last week, we received several flower and plant deliveries as people remembered the 1 year anniversary of my dad’s death. Also, one of our friends is away, so we are caring for their plants. We have happily found ourselves in a greenhouse. We counted 25 potted plants and 4 vases of fresh cut flowers. Luckily, […]

Thanksgiving Craft Day

Since my granddaughter is out of school, I thought it would be fun to have her over and make a Thanksgiving decoration. My mom was feeling ok so it worked out. First my granddaughter and mom had some time to hang out together while I made lunch. My granddaughter started out in the chair across […]

Unknown Author

I saw a quote that was shared today. It was attributed to Pope Francis. After some research, I discovered it had been travelling around from quite some time and believed to be from poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), thought some disagree there too. No matter. It was a beautiful, encouraging sentiment that touched my heart and […]

Love Balloon

Almost 2 weeks ago I received a big bouquet of big balloons for my birthday. When some of them ended up on the ground, it was time to do something with them. Many of them went into the trash. One pink heart shaped balloon still had a fair amount of helium, though it wasn’t enough […]

Free Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Center in the city has 2 free days each month. We wrote it on the calendar and talked about it this morning. My mom has not been feeling real well lately and didn’t really want to go. But after doing some exercises and getting dressed, she decided it would be good to […]

Look to the Littles

A friend of mine is a teacher. She said she has been having a very difficult year so far and has been very stressed out. However, her day was brightened today with a couple of unexpected interactions with some of the kids. She was reminded to just look to the littles for happiness. I Found […]

New Vision

My mom received a new prescription for eye glasses the last time she visited her ophthalmologist. She had been using reading glasses, but they just weren’t working well any more. Then we made a trip to get some glasses set up for her. Today we picked them up. When my mom put on the glasses, […]

Art Spirituality

My artistic sister signed up for some online art courses. She put one on tonight as she sat down to unwind after a full day of working on the computer. I listened and watched a bit. Before the instructor started teaching how to watercolor the “Butterfly Queen”, she introduced herself. She explained that her hands […]

Sister’s Gift

My sister has been struggling – especially since my father’s death. She felt like she was unable to continue with the job and routine that she had, so she quit her job in hopes to start anew. Mom and I invited her to move in here to get back on track. Some weeks back, she […]