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Let Go of Fear

I like going for walks around the cabin in the mountains. While we were there, we got together with some of my parents’ friends. One of them said that a while ago he had seen footprints of a mountain lion in his driveway. He said I was pretty brave to be hiking around there. I […]

A Peaceful Day

Today we had nothing scheduled, nothing planned, and enjoyed the day at the cabin. It was beautiful as the trees are showing their Fall colors. I spent a lot of time meandering through the quiet woods taking pictures of trees, birds, and sky. It was relaxing, peaceful, and contemplative. I Found God today enjoying a […]

Protecting Mom

Many years ago, a bee flew in my mom’s shirt and stung her. She had a nasty reaction. She already didn’t like them, but now she’s terrified of them. My mom and I went for a walk today and there was a bee that wouldn’t leave us alone. My mom was so scared that she […]

Skilled Student

Today we made an unexpected trip to the hospital as my mom was having pains. They did the full work up and found nothing, which was good news. So, of course, I’m very grateful for that. We attributed it to the intense exercise class she had yesterday. In the hospital, they started a pic line […]

Experience of God

I was talking with a group of people tonight about “feeling” God or the Holy Spirit. One man said that he didn’t ever “feel” God in his life. He knew about God. He is a faithful church goer and reads the Bible. He is very involved in the church and believes in Jesus Christ as […]

Great Comfort

My parents had a sofa for a long time that wasn’t really comfortable for anyone. They had talked on and off about replacing it, but weren’t exactly sure what they wanted. Finally a few weeks ago, they decided on a Lazy Boy that fit them both just right. It was delivered yesterday. Tonight after dinner, […]

Struggle From the Beginning

A few weeks ago, I began attending a Bible class and we started at the beginning in the book of Genesis. Tonight in my small group, we discussed the basic human nature of good and evil, faith and sin. One person noticed that God promises redemption from the beginning and gives us (people) the opportunity […]

Courageous Young Mother

Today in church, the priest talked about the evil of abortion and how it seems to be pushed upon us as a society in every arena. He also discussed how good can and will overcome evil as long as there are people willing to stand up and fight for it. This reminded me of a […]

Late Night Visitor

Last night just as I was getting into bed, I heard a strange noise. It sounded like an animal or bird of some kind. I walked around my room and decided it was coming from outside. I put on my slippers, threw a blanket around my shoulders, and went upstairs. I walked around up there […]

Drowned Pills

You never know what crazy things are going to happen around this house. Every night before bed, my mom sorts out her 17 pills on a chart I created for her so they will be ready for the next day. She puts a couple in her small pill box and brings them to her room […]