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Skilled Student

Today we made an unexpected trip to the hospital as my mom was having pains. They did the full work up and found nothing, which was good news. So, of course, I’m very grateful for that. We attributed it to the intense exercise class she had yesterday. In the hospital, they started a pic line as usual. One nurse was going to get it ready, when we all had to leave the room for an x-ray. When she returned, she had a student nurse with her. My first thought was of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday. She had a student help with her colonoscopy and was in pain during part of the procedure. Inside I was in turmoil, not wanting anyone to hurt my mom. But, I said a prayer and let it go as they were already beginning the process. The nurse doing the training walked the student through the whole thing, which took much longer than normal. My mom did bleed a little, but when all was said and done, the trainee seemed to do a pretty good job, getting the line in the right place the first time. I asked my mom how she felt about it. She said she was apprehensive at first, but figured the student needed to learn. I checked the area tonight and instead of the giant bruise I was expecting, there was just a small red mark. We were all very happy about that and grateful for the skill of the new nurse.

I Found God today in good results and a skilled student.

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