Adventure of a Day

Both my mom and dad had an appointment with their cardiologist this morning. After breakfast I loaded up two walkers and two parents and headed out for our adventure. We parked in the closest place we could find which was a handicapped spot near the entrance. Never the less, it was quite a long walk […]

91 Year Check Up

My dad turned 91 years old today. It was a joyful morning as he opened lovely greeting cards. Unfortunately, right before lunch he had a weird episode where he was seeing everything double. This combined with the super dizzy episode he had a couple days ago had us very concerned. So I called his PCP. […]

Farewell Trusted Doc

I took my parents to visit their primary care doctor today. They have been seeing him for about 30 years now and he is retiring. It will be impossible to find another doctor who will know them so well. We always had faith in his opinion and guidance over all these years. He gave them […]

Super Patient Nurse

I took my mom to her long awaited eye doctor appointment today. The nurse who did all the preliminary testing and such was super patient and cheerful. When she was testing her vision, “Better 1 or 2 . . . 1 or 2? Now 3 or 4 . . . 3? 4?” she gave my […]

Family Vaccines

Yesterday one of my brothers’ received his 2nd COVID-19 vaccination. Today my brother-in-law received his first dose. And my son and his wife were able to schedule their vaccines. I never thought we would all be so excited to get a shot. But as I have said, this means more visitors for my parents and […]

Real Super Woman

I heard an incredible story on the news today about a young woman who saved a life, passed a nursing exam, and gave birth all in the same day. Evidently, she was in pre-mature early labor, but was cleared to leave so she could take the exam she had been studying for over 2 years. […]

The 2nd Vaccine

Yes, that’s right. Today my parents received their 2nd COVID-19 vaccine. They were scheduled to go after lunch, but we got a phone call a few hours earlier saying they could go at any time. So, we got ready and headed out. On the way, we said a prayer thanking God for the opportunity and […]

Changing Day

My dad had a very restless night last night and was exhausted this morning. He described the crazy thoughts, dreams, and sleep-awake cycles that kept him from getting a good night’s sleep. I felt so bad for him. This afternoon, however, we had an appointment to pick up his new hearing aid. He has been […]

Vaccine Coming Soon

Today I was sitting near my mom as she was reviewing her emails on her iPad. She started reading slowly out loud, “Urgent message from your healthcare provider to schedule your covid-19 vaccine . . .” I yelled, jumped over to her, and literally yanked the iPad out of her hand. It was true. The […]

Friend’s Surprise Vaccine

Like most people, we have been watching for the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccine. My parents and I are all connected to the same health care system. They sent us each an email a couple weeks ago stating that they would let us know when it is our turn to get the injection. At […]