Another New Doc

Mom has an appointment today with another new neurologist. It’s been difficult since her past one retired and we haven’t trusted the one she’s been seeing. This doctor was a speaker at one of the Parkinson’s Support group a few years ago. I was glad a friend mentioned his name and that he was taking […]

Virtual Visit

My mom had a doctor’s appointment today, but we woke up to below freezing temperatures and snowy roads. I called the office and thankfully they said we could have a virtual appointment. The doctor was super nice and we got all our questions answered. When I thanked him profusely for meeting with us virtually, he […]

Dentist Buddy

I had a dentist appointment today – one of my least favorite places to go. But it was just for a cleaning at a new office. I met the hygienist for the first time who was super nice and wanted to chat. We talked a little, then she talked and I held my mouth open […]

Hero of the Day

This morning when I got my mom’s hearing aid out of the charger, I noticed that the dome – the rubber tip that goes into her ear – was missing. I looked around for a bit and didn’t find it, so didn’t worry too much about it. By this afternoon, mom was struggling even more […]

New Techniques

We had a physical therapist come work with my mom today. When she was here the other day, she showed us a new way of using the bathroom. Today, she showed my mom a new way of standing up and sitting down. It was all in the placement of her hands and it was so […]

Excited For Help

When we last visited my mom’s new primary care physician, she recommended a few sessions of in home therapies. The provider came today to assess mom and see how they could best help her. She was super nice, observant, patient, caring, and knowledgeable. My mom played the piano for her and she was very impressed. […]

New Vision

My mom received a new prescription for eye glasses the last time she visited her ophthalmologist. She had been using reading glasses, but they just weren’t working well any more. Then we made a trip to get some glasses set up for her. Today we picked them up. When my mom put on the glasses, […]

Another New Doc

It is very hard to a good neurologist who has good knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. We were blessed to have one of the best in the city for a few years after changing doctors several times. Unfortunately, he retired. But he recommended one of his colleagues. We saw her for the first time today. She […]

All The T’s

My mom had an appointment with another new PCP today. Her nurse had the same name as my sister. When I told her my name, she said she had a sister with the same name. She also had a brother with the same name as one of my brothers. Turns out she was one of […]

Nick of Time

The dentist office is one of my least favorite places to go. Ever. Without elaborating, I had an appointment this morning. I prayed before and during the procedure that all would go well. I left feeling ok. However, things didn’t go as they were supposed to, so I dropped back in. I got there just […]