Eyes Wide Open

My sister came down today for an eye doctor appointment. She received some startling news from her eye doctor and wanted to get another opinion. She was happy to be able to get in to see my dad’s ophthalmologist who we have been very happy with. The diagnosis was basically the same, but she had […]

Inspiring Faith and Strength

I visited a good friend today whose husband has Parkinson’s. She has been really struggling recently as he falls often and has difficulty with his daily activities. She has not wanted to move him into a nursing home, but has been very aware that his care is becoming more than she can provide on her […]

Faithful Family

Both my mom and dad went to a doctor today. One was planned, one was unexpected. Luckily, one of my sister’s was able to come and help. She took my dad while I took my mom. Happily, we all reconvened for lunch. Everyone is home tonight and doing well with instructions to follow up. My […]

Double Good News

Today my dad had a virtual appointment with his cancer doctor to review the CT scan he had last week. She said that small mass that was found on his pancreas has not changed at all since the last scan – or even since it was discovered a year and a half ago. She suggested […]

Keeping On

My mom had appointments with two different specialists today. One was her Parkinson’s doctor and the other was her GI doctor. Both of them said it looks like things are going well and test results – while not perfect – didn’t show any major issues. The end result was the same for both as they […]

New Pacemaker

Every 3 months for the past 5 years, my mom has used a special monitor to download her pacemaker information. The report goes to an office who contacts her cardiologist. Part of the data includes how long the life of the battery in the pacemaker has left. For the past year, it had been counting […]

Visiting Docs

My parents have had a few doctor’s appointments in the last week. The first one was a virtual visit between my dad and a neurologist to follow up on his rehabilitation from the stroke. We weren’t sure how that was going to go, but it was very easy and informative. She even watched my dad […]

Medical Miracle

Last month, a friend’s mother was hospitalized with dizziness and high blood pressure. At that time, they thought she might have been on the verge of having a stroke and did plenty of testing. They found that she had markers for bone cancer and sent her home to follow up with assorted specialists. Since then, […]

Stitches Out

I had been anticipating today since I had the stitches put in my thumb 10 days ago. The NP in the Urgent Care that I went to said to go back in 10 days to get them taken out. But, she recommended a location that is not usually as busy. I decided to go there […]

One Wrong Move

I got up yesterday morning with a mission of accomplishing all the errands that needed to be done. I talked with several doctor offices and postponed appointments, or in 1 case actually got the necessary information from the doctor without having to go to their facility. I dropped off tax information, dropped off hearing aids […]