Staying Positive

Before I left visiting my dad this afternoon, the case worker stopped me to discuss discharge. She said she had been on vacation and just had a meeting with his team to review. They feel it would be best for him to stay longer than initially thought and has insurance authorization. I thought it sounded […]

Encouraging Doc

I was able to have a good conversation with the doctor today about my dad’s stroke. He had a Hemorrhagic stroke – a blood vessel in his brain ruptured. But in the emergency room, they were able to give him a medication that stopped the bleeding. There is still a pool of blood in his […]

Somewhat Awake

When I got to the hospital this morning, I found my dad sleeping…and sleeping and sleeping. He was having a difficult time waking up and staying awake. The doctors are doing more testing to see if there’s anything else going on. In the afternoon, my mom and I went home to nap. My sister stayed […]

Blessings in a Difficult Day

Thanking God my sister is here! During the night – 1:00 am – she heard a thud and woke me up. We went upstairs and found dad on the bedroom floor. He said he felt weak, his legs gave way, and he collapsed. He couldn’t get back up. We called 911 and got him to […]

Spot Disappeared

Tonight I had dinner with friends and was happy to see a mom who has been struggling. She had a large cancer spot removed off the top of her head, then one behind her ear. To top it off, she recently got shingles. After she told me all about it, she said she was thankful […]

No New Spots

The past few months, I have had to make a visit to the dermatologist due to irritating spots on my arm. I ended up having 3 biopsies at 2 different times and having all 3 of those removed as they were basal cell carcinoma. I have not been worried about it, but it is an […]

Best Therapist Ever

During the past 3 years, my mom has been to physical therapy for various reasons. Whenever she has hurt something or is recovering from an illness, we go back to the same therapist. She truly is amazing. We say she has magic hands as she knows exactly how to manipulate the area that gives my […]