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Faith in Mission

A couple I know are on a mission trip in Greece serving the many refugees who have landed there. They have done many such trips and sometimes take another family member with them. Last year, the wife took one of her granddaughters to Africa. I received an email from them describing how they are contributing. […]

Power of Forgiveness

My friend whose mother is dying has been writing every day. They have received so many miracles, I could just copy her posts. They are so powerful. Today I read about forgiveness. My friend’s mother and father have been divorced for 30 years. Her dad called her mom to make amends and he thanked her […]

Another Year of Life and Love

Today was my dad’s birthday. My sisters, brother in law, and son came over to celebrate. It was an all inclusive party as my parents’ anniversary and birthdays all occur within a couple of weeks. Everyone pitched in to make a delicious German dinner. We had fun cooking together and enjoying the fruits of our […]

Connecting Over Coffee

My sister took my dad out to coffee today. As they sat down to enjoy their drinks, they overheard the man next to them saying that he worked at the same place my dad used to work. My dad told the man that he worked there as well. The man and his wife, my sister […]

False Alarm

Today I took my mom to physical therapy. While we were there, we received an Amber Alert, so the phones and such were all making the alarm sound. One of the therapists said that always makes her afraid. She said she was on vacation in Hawaii when the false alarm was sent to everyone that […]

Blessings Shared

A few weeks ago, I learned that a friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer again. Unfortunately, the illness took over. My friend was able to bring her mom to her home and she is receiving hospice care. My friend has been writing daily about the small blessings the family is experiencing during this difficult time. […]

Inspired to Play

There are some wonderful young people who help during my mom’s exercise class. They are students working towards medical degrees. They prepare some of the exercise stations for the class and act as spotters. They also talk with the participants and form great relationships with them. Today  one of the girls said she played the […]

Pope and the Boy

I saw a video today of Pope Francis who was taking questions from children. A boy came to the microphone but was too upset to ask the question. Pope Francis had the boy come right up to him, gave him a big hug, and consoled him as he wept. The boy and the pope had […]

Eye of the Storm

I was listening to music today and the song, “Eye of the Storm”, came on by Ryan Stevenson. It is about relying on and trusting in God when circumstances are beyond your control. I had heard the song several times and noticed that in one verse, the words can change. One time I heard, “. […]

Dad’s Dating Love

This morning my mom read a meditation for the day from the Jesus Always book by Sarah Young. Then realized she hadn’t read the one for yesterday – their wedding anniversary. She read the first line and laughed saying that it sounded just like my dad when they were dating. It said, “You love me because I first […]