Blessings Shared

A few weeks ago, I learned that a friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer again. Unfortunately, the illness took over. My friend was able to bring her mom to her home and she is receiving hospice care. My friend has been writing daily about the small blessings the family is experiencing during this difficult time. Today she talked about how her mother would pray the rosary especially for the children who were no longer active in their faith. She was encouraged to do this by her parish priest. My friend’s husband was able to get the mom’s favorite large garden statue of Mary and put it in a place where she could see it from her bed. During the past couple of days, a particular sibling who has been away from the church has been making it a point to pray the rosary with his mother. Such beautiful blessings the family is receiving and giving as my friend shares these intimate moments.

I Found God today in prayers answered and blessings shared.


4 comments on “Blessings Shared

  1. She is my friend,also and we are praying for the family. Nice to see your blog. I do not send you many comments but am blessed to read yours daily.


  2. Keep the prayers coming, ladies! As hard as this is, there are so many blessings & little miracles that I know God is here, holding me up through this all. The same parish priest, Fr. P, has told her that her next job is to pray her children & grandchildren to heaven and I know she’ll do just that. And, he told me to be praising God so I am expressing gratitude as much as possible, for every little thing, keeping my heart looking up. There is still great sadness, however ,as it is so hard saying goodbye to mom. So thankful for my faith!! ❤


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