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False Alarm

Today I took my mom to physical therapy. While we were there, we received an Amber Alert, so the phones and such were all making the alarm sound. One of the therapists said that always makes her afraid. She said she was on vacation in Hawaii when the false alarm was sent to everyone that a missile was on it’s way. She happened to be out hiking at the time. She tried calling her parents and relatives who were near by, and was able to speak to them a little bit, but the connections kept cutting her off. Many of the people around her were unconcerned, but she was in a panic. Since she is Italian, she said she has a healthy fear of death and God. And she did start to try to barter with Him. A man came running down the mountain who had on a military shirt, so she stopped him and asked him if the warning was for real. He said he was going to find out and that she should wait for him to come back. She thought that was kind of crazy, but she did. When he returned, he assured her that it was a false alarm. Together they finished climbing the mountain. She said the rest of the vacation was amazing – since she had cheated death. Everything she saw was extra beautiful. She said even now she doesn’t get upset by the little things – that she truly does have a new perspective on life. I thought it was a great story that was so telling of how a near death experience can change lives.

I Found God today in the story of  a near death experience.

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