A New Angel

The other morning I received word that a coworker and friend had passed away. I read through her obituary today and reflected on her life. I met the tiny woman when I started working for the church about 15 years ago. Although small in stature, I quickly realized she had a big faith. She shared […]

New Face

Tonight I watched the repeat of a story about a young man who received a face transplant. I had heard bits and pieces of the story that came to light in November. But tonight I learned and saw much of the story. The young man got a second chance at life after years of dealing […]

Surprise Snow and Safety

Last night before I left to my Bible class, the weather was spitting a rain snow mix, so I decided to drive the suv. When I headed out after class, I couldn’t see anything but white outside of the large glass doors and windows. My classmates and I were all in shock over the 6″ […]

Courageous Martyrs

Tonight in my Bible class, we read through the books of Maccabees. It was an amazing, yet disturbing account of the oppression and martyrdom of the Jewish people. Those who failed to obey the laws of the land and chose God’s laws instead were tortured and died horrible deaths. Probably the most famous story out […]

Choose Wisely

Tonight in my Bible class, we studied the fall of the kingdoms of Judah and Israel as told in the second book of Kings. It was a ruthless story of conquest, murder, and idolatry. The bottom line is that when the people followed God, He took care of them. But when they blatantly turned away […]

Defying Gravity

I was happy to make it to the Stations of the Cross at the church tonight. It was led by the children’s choir made up of youth from Kindergarten to high school age. They were very well spoken as they described the stations and the short song for each one was lovely. A commentary that […]

Diary of Life

A friend told me today that she used to visit specific people in nursing homes – typically those who had no family or friends. When she was visiting one woman in particular, the woman said she was thinking of writing a diary, but there wouldn’t be anyone to read it. My friend said she would […]