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Plowed Driveway

We headed up to the cabin in the mountains today. It was the warmest day we will have for a while and it was absolutely gorgeous. The snow covered mountains and the crystal blue sky was such a beautiful sight. Since we had quite a frigid spell and snow, we didn’t know what to expect […]

Cheerful People

We had several errands to run today and I anticipated that there would be a lot of people out. There were. But people were very happy and helpful. My dad found an item that he had been looking for with the help of the sales clerk in the store and got some other questions answered […]

Brother Brought Joy

My brother who came for Christmas headed home today. After a couple weeks of festivities and company, it is a very quiet house now. My parents and I took care of some things that needed attention and just kind of hung out for a while. I had made some gingerbread cookies that we didn’t have […]

You’re Amazing

Last month for my birthday, I received a helium balloon with the words, “You’re Amazing” along with a bouquet of flowers and hearts. It is a mylar type, so it keeps the helium in it for a very long time. Recently, though, it has been hanging low from the string it is tied to. Today […]

Able to Thrive

My parents have been enjoying receiving their Christmas cards and reading the letters that help catch them up with friends and family. My mom was reading one letter in particular and started crying. The letter was about her cousin who she grew up with. Her cousin had a daughter with a muscular disease that left […]


After spending almost a week with my son and his girlfriend, unfortunately, it was time for them to head to their next destination. At the same time, other family members came to celebrate Christmas. Yesterday morning we took my son’s girlfriend to the airport and she made it home safely to spend Christmas with her […]

Christmas Preparation

The other day before my son arrived, his girlfriend and I made gingerbread dough. Then we cut out pieces for a house and baked them. Yesterday we all worked on putting it together and decorating it. This was the first time my son’s girlfriend made a gingerbread house, so that made it even more enjoyable. […]

Shopping Night

I took my son and his girlfriend shopping tonight. We were out too late and I think I got too tired. I kept dropping things – it was ridiculous and funny at the same time. We even stopped to get a snack before we headed home so my son could get the full “Sonic” experience […]

Near Accident

After a cancelled flight the other day, my son finally made it in for a visit. His girlfriend and I went to the airport in the “big city” to pick him up. It was so good to see him walk through the arrival area. My nephew¬†lives in the city, so we decided to meet up […]

Got Good News

I took my mom to two¬†doctor’s appointments today – her primary care physician and her cardiologist. These are probably the two most important and trusted doctors that she has. She explained how she was feeling – which is not bad for the most part but tired a lot. They both checked her out, asked lots […]