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Christmas Preparation

The other day before my son arrived, his girlfriend and I made gingerbread dough. Then we cut out pieces for a house and baked them. Yesterday we all worked on putting it together and decorating it. This was the first time my son’s girlfriend made a gingerbread house, so that made it even more enjoyable. There was much discussion, planning, and taste testing before starting on the decorations. Of course, the house turned out beautiful and we started planning a more elaborate one for next year. We also put up the Christmas tree, stockings, and other decorations. My mom’s friend came by with her annual chocolate peppermint roll that we sampled tonight. My mom and I baked her special fruit bread that she makes and shares every year and it also turned out just wonderful. Today I received the new pictures of my son, his wife, and grandchildren in their annual Christmas box. My older grandson is officially a teenager and it really shows in this year’s photo. In the midst of it all, we have been reading Advent meditations each day that my mom received. It can be so easy to forget why this holiday exists in the first place when there is so much busy-ness, so I try to keep Christ in mind during the day and not to put too much pressure on doing too much. I have really been enjoying Christmas preparations the past couple of days.

I Found God today preparing for Christmas.

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