Continuing On

I asked my mom how she found God today. She reminded me that she didn’t sleep very well last night, so she was already tired before we even had breakfast. Her online exercise class met this morning, but instead of going back to bed, my mom decided it would be better for her to get […]

Belly Laughing

Today my mom was talking about books and writers. She mentioned one particular author who has passed away. Then she said, “I don’t know if he wrote anything after that.” It took a second, then we all laughed so long and hard that it hurt our stomach. It felt great. I Found God today in […]

New Homeowner

My son has been thinking about buying a house for about a year and has been stashing money away. He got serious about it this summer and was determined to get out of apartment living. When he started looking at houses, those he liked were getting purchased within days, or even hours. It is a […]

Preparing the Way

Once again this year we were blessed with a beautiful day of sunshine and mild temperatures to begin decorating for Christmas. My dad and I put the lights on the bushes and bows on the lights and railing. I did some more work on the wreaths. And it seemed fitting to turn on some Christmas […]

Computer Guys

Last week some time, my dad started having trouble getting into his email inbox on his big computer which is named the “Big Mac”. I don’t use Apple products and was of no help at all, though I tried to troubleshoot with the little knowledge I have. Both brothers are out of state, but one […]

Our Different Thanksgiving

We had been thinking, praying, talking, and deciding how to spend Thanksgiving safely this year with the desire to see family – just like every other family in the country. Both my sisters and brother-in-law work from home and have very little contact with other people, so we decided that we could get together pretty […]

The Coffee Tree

When my sister was a child, she seemed pretty interested in plants. So, my mom bought her a plant cart and accessories for her birthday one year. Little did she realize that she would one day have her own large garden that she cultivates and sells the produce. My sister also worked for Starbucks for […]

Thankful for Setbacks

Today a family member sent a poem that speaks to most of us right now. Thanksgiving may look quite different for many, but being grateful for our perceived “setbacks” is just as important as being grateful for the good times. They are both blessings. Be Thankful-Poet UnknownBe thankful that you don’t already have everything you […]

Clever Aunt

My mom called her sister today to wish her a happy birthday. We all sang when she answered the phone. At eighty-something, she is still living alone in her big house. She told us about all the precautions she is taking so she doesn’t get covid-19. During the summer, a couple of her friends would […]

Grateful for Relationships

I woke up this morning to the sound of a text just received. I rolled over, grabbed the phone, and watched the most hilarious, ridiculous, obnoxious happy birthday video that my son sent me, complete with my name being sung. I laughed out loud alone in my room. That was a great start to my […]