My Bed

Since my dad came home from rehab, I have been camping out on the sofa at night so I am present when needed. My sister came for a visit today and is taking over the sofa position. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in my bed and anticipating a good night’s sleep. I […]

Sweetest Valentine

A couple weeks ago, my crafty sister brought some valentine cards over for my mom to work on. They spent an hour or so cutting and pasting and deciding who to give them to. Yesterday, my dad sadly apologized for not having a valentine for my mom. I suggested that he might be able to […]

Tricky Maneuvers

My dad’s physical therapist came today and did some balancing tests with him. At first my dad was afraid to try some of the maneuvers. But after some encouragement from the therapist, he amazed himself and all of us. The therapist then took him through some exercises and new walking techniques. He was reassuring and […]

Small Victories

It has been a week now since my dad has come home from rehab. We have had therapists and nurses from home health care coming and going. Today was a free day with no visitors. My dad decided what to do with his day and that is what happened. He started with my brother going […]

Blue Roses

The other day, my nephew contacted me to verify our mailing address and to check what my dad’s favorite color is. Today we found out why. He and his girlfriend sent my dad a gorgeous bouquet of deep blue roses with a lovely note included. None of us had ever seen anything like it. My […]

Delicious Blessing

Unfortunately, I have succumbed to a nasty cold. I suppose it was inevitable with the stress and going in and out of the hospital for weeks. However, I was able to get some rest yesterday when more family was here. My sister even did some meal prep and she put a meal in the crock […]

Family Time

Today my brother flew in and my sisters, brother in law, and son all came over. We had a wonderful time together celebrating my sister’s birthday and the fact that my dad was home. It had been quite a while since all of us siblings had been together. I Found God today enjoying family time.