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Ringing In

It appeared that my parents and I were going to spend New Years Eve alone, but in the afternoon I was happy to get a call from my sister who decided to come for the night. We had a good time eating, playing with the selfie stick, and watching different celebrations. We shared one of […]

Quiet Prayer

I was having a hard time thinking about what to blog tonight. So, I put on my new very soft warm pj’s that my sister gave me for Christmas, wrapped up in the prayer shawl my prayer group gave me when I moved, climbed into bed and turned on the electric blanket. I started praying […]

Scouting Lessons Learned

I heard a story on the news today of 3 boy scouts who were hiking in the woods with their leader and wanted to explore a cave. Unknown to them, there was a bear in the cave and when the leader went in, it attacked him. The 3 boy scouts called 911 to get help. […]

A Joyful Stranger

I had a package to mail today so I went to the local UPS store. Luckily, when I arrived, there was no one else there. As I was completing my business, another customer came in and was helped by another clerk at the other end of the counter. When I finished and turned around, there […]

To Be a Holy Family

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Family. The first Holy Family I think about is Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. That is a pretty high standard. But the deacon who talked about the scripture readings pointed out that each one of us have a responsibility and opportunity to be part of a […]

Priest Friends

I have always had great respect for priests. In the most recent years through working in the church, I have come to know many priests and have learned so much from them. They are all different types of people, each with their own individual gifts, talents, and expertise in different areas. I have learned to […]

Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas! I spent the day as most people – exchanging messages of Christmas cheer on social media, sharing pictures with those far away, opening gifts and surprising people with theirs, and eating too much yummy food. I┬átalked to my travelling brother. I read lots of wonderful Christmas messages and stories of many people helping […]

Surprise Healing, Charlie Brown

My brother was planning on coming here for Christmas, but he called yesterday and said he didn’t think he was going to be able to make it. He has a bad back, and it was acting up. When he was here last year, it got so bad, he ended up in the ER. Nobody wanted […]

A Girl’s First Nutcracker

A friend’s daughter had the opportunity to participate in the Boston Ballet school. I remember when the mom talked about it, she wasn’t sure if it would be an overall good thing or not as it would be very hectic for the family, but they decided to go for it. The school soon got ready […]

A Pampering

Perhaps this sounds vain, but I have been struggling to like my hair for several years. It has changed – grays are coming in, texture is different – it just won’t do what it used to. So I have been struggling trying to find a hairstyle that I am happy with. I don’t feel like […]