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Funny Effects

My sister was here today. We had fun making Halloween treats and taking pictures with funny and scary effects. There’s always a lot of laughter when she’s around. I Found God today laughing with my sister.

Nurse Advocate

My parents had an appointment with their favorite cardiologist today. I made sure we had everything we needed and headed to the downtown hospital. We debated whether to have the valet park the car and decided we didn’t want someone else in the vehicle. The plan was to drop my parents at the front door, […]

Civic Duty Completed

I have been praying, pondering, and deciding how I should vote in this election. I have had discussions with countess people, read all the info provided by the state, perused the paraphernalia, and watched more ads and campaigns than I would like. Today I made the time to complete the ballot and took it to […]

Recovering From the Virus

A friend of mine has been really struggling lately for lots of different reasons. And last week she was tested positive for coronavirus. Needless to say I was very worried about her. I and many other people started praying very hard for her. I actually used words similar to, “God, please give her a break.” […]

Set on the Spirit

A few months ago, I was given a book called, “Nine Words” by Allen R. Hunt. The book is based on the nine “fruits of the Holy Spirit” as outlined by Paul in Galatians. I have been reading slowly, allowing the wisdom and encouragement to sink in. Last night I read about how important it […]

Working With God

I talked with a friend today and got caught up on family happenings. We discussed covid for a while as she, her husband, her daughter, and her son-in-law all work in the medical field and all live in the same home. Thankfully, none of them – or the toddler in daycare – have had any […]

Prayed For Energy

I asked my mom how she found God today. She said she prayed for more energy and to feel better. She said God answered her prayer. When she played the piano today, she said the piece she is practicing to play with her friend is really coming along now. She also did all her exercises. […]

Boys’ Birthday

My older son flew out this weekend to celebrate his and my younger son’s birthdays. They came over this evening for a socially distant visit. They are 12 years apart in age, so didn’t spend their childhood or youth together. I love seeing them together now as adults. It’s funny that their voices, the things […]

New Young Saint

Today I read an article about the new saint Carlo Acutis. He was a young man when he encountered Jesus in the Eucharist. This led him to compile a website documenting Eucharistic miracles around the world. Being somewhat of a computer wizard, Carlo did this when social media was in it’s infancy. He was only […]

Wind-Scarred Pears

We got our monthly subscription of Harry & David fruit today that my brother sent to my mom. It was wonderful box of pears. They are usually beautiful in appearance, but these had some black scratchy marks on them. My dad found a note that was included. He, my mom, and I got all choked […]