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Wind-Scarred Pears

We got our monthly subscription of Harry & David fruit today that my brother sent to my mom. It was wonderful box of pears. They are usually beautiful in appearance, but these had some black scratchy marks on them. My dad found a note that was included. He, my mom, and I got all choked up when we read it. It said:

Noticing unique markings on your Royal Riviera Pears? These blemishes are called wind scars and are the result of high winds whipping tree branches and causing abrasions to the skin of our delicate pears. Sadly, these same winds contributed to the spread of devastating fires in our Southern Oregon community – destroying homes and displacing countless people.
We often pride ourselves in the beauty of our Royal Riviera Pears, and this harvest is no exception, if only in a different way. These scars are a reminder of what our community has been through and how we’ve rallied to support one another. The untouched, juicy, delicious interior of the pear demonstrates – it’s what’s inside that counts.

I Found God in a note of beauty, hope, and perspective.

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