More Hugs

As I walked with my family to drop my granddaughter off for school this morning, I watched all the parents and kids saying good-bye and had a sudden realization that I do not get or give enough hugs. I decided I was going to change that. I gave my dad a big long hug when […]

Into the Psalms

I was talking with my sister the other day about what an emotional roller coaster life seems to be at this point in time. This is something that I have been really struggling with during the past few months. I described it as a nightmare that I couldn’t seem to get out of. As much […]


We have been trying to find a good time to visit with my dad while he is still getting settled into his new surroundings. It seems he has been getting up at night and wandering or rearranging his room. If we go to visit mid-morning, he’s fast asleep. If we go later in the afternoon, […]

Five Things

A good friend has been on the front of my mind the past couple of days. Today I reached out to her and told her I missed her. We chatted a bit and promised to get together. Later, I checked the mail and found I had received a card from her. It read, “Five Things […]

Not a Great Day

When I arrived to visit my dad today, he was in one of the big living rooms looking for his keys. He said he was dizzy and sat down and went right to sleep. I was informed that he had been up most of the night rearranging the pictures on the walls. When he was […]

They’re Here

During all the upheaval of life, my son and his family decided to move here from the east coast. I could hardly believe it when the decision was made. That seems like forever ago. My daughter in law and two of the kids flew in the other day. It wasn’t a pleasant trip as my […]

Move to Memory Care

Well moving my dad into memory care went as good as to be expected. The transportation service I set up from his previous facility to the new one arrived and left without him. No one told us they were there. The head nurse also said no one there knew he was discharging today. It was […]


I stopped by a neighbors’ tonight for a “quick visit”. We ended up talking about difficulties and before I left, they offered to pray with me. It was a moment of peace and beauty. Sometimes I wonder where God is, then He’s right there. I Found God today praying with neighbors.

Same Theme

Sometimes I can feel like I am very alone and that perhaps God has forgotten about me and my troubles. Then, if I am listening and paying attention, I hear the same themes over and over again. I take them as messages from God. The reflection I heard on today’s Gospel reminded of that same […]

Call To Connect

I awoke this morning with a text from a far away friend. She shared a blog post with me that she had read. The words that popped up were, “God’s beloved daughters are exactly what the world needs right now.” Just looking at those words first thing in the morning brought tears to my eyes […]