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Just One of the Kids

I went to the store this afternoon before the schools had let out, so there was not too many people there. As I was in one aisle scouring the shelves, a woman with 4 small children was there chatting with a friend. I noticed that one of the boys was in a wheelchair and hanging […]

Sis’ New Job

My sister was not treated very well at her last job. She was yelled at, cursed at, and made to feel like she was incompetent. It hurt me to know she had to endure that treatment and to see her so depressed. I was glad that she decided to go ahead and look for a […]

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. I always enjoy going to church and getting fresh new palms. I do not so much enjoy reading the Passion – the part of the Bible that describes the last few hours of Jesus’ life. I don’t mind so much that it is long and typically we stand through the whole […]

Lost Dog

It was beautiful outside today, so I decided to go for a nice long walk. My poor old dog cannot handle these any more, so I sadly had to leave her in the house. I was going to take one route, then changed my mind and took another. I noticed a man on the other […]

Living Stations of the Cross

Tonight I went to the church to pray and watch the high school youth portray the Stations of the Cross. The evening started with the music group singing one of my favorite songs, “Above All”, by Michael W. Smith. The lead singer had a wonderful voice and played the guitar. There was also a keyboard player, a bass […]

Be Still and Know That I am God

Tonight I joined my prayer group, who is across the country, via speaker phone. Although it was not in person, it was still wonderful to connect. We each received a journal that we will use as we contemplate scripture together. The cover of the journal has the scripture, “Be still and know that I am God.” […]

A Near Miss

Tonight I went to meet some friends for dinner. On my route, I realized that I was making the same trip I did to work many years ago. I got to a certain place in the road and remembered a time when God took my breath away: One morning I was on my way to […]