Passing Through

I heard a story today that I loved. A young woman was in the airport with some friends having dinner before their flight. The gentleman who waited on them said he had been working there for 11 years. He loved his job now, but that wasn’t always the case. One day, the man realized that […]

Anticipating an Adventure

Today we had a birthday party for my grandson who turned 15 years old. We had his favorite food – taco salad. And his mom made an amazing Oreo cake. For gifts, instead of “stuff”, a couple of us are taking him on adventures. It’s fun for both of us to go out and have […]

Another Strange Mass

There weren’t very many people in the pews when we arrived at Mass this morning. That was strange to begin with. When it was time to start Mass, the music director announced that, unfortunately, there was no priest present to celebrate Mass. A deacon was there, so we went ahead and started with the Liturgy […]

Time For Time

Today I was a couple minutes late for the grief support group that I have been attending. It seems that I rush too much and we talked about it at the beginning of the session. At the end, the leader read the reflection for today. Once again, it really hit home. ‘When you become anxious […]

I Did It

At Mass 4 years ago, I heard an invitation from the Biblical School to attend an informational meeting. I decided to go. As I was listening to the course outline, my heart was “burning within me”. Even though it was 4 years of classes, I knew it was something I should do. I didn’t know […]

Go Up

Today I went to a grief support group. We were to tell about one of the things we loved the most about our loved one who died. I always loved how my dad took us on adventures. Even though I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since I was 4 and couldn’t physically participate well, my dad […]

Powerful Messages

After what seemed to be a really long day yesterday, we were grateful that my mom slept very well and long last night. She was feeling better today and even got dressed for church. But it would not have been a good idea to go, so we went downstairs and watched a local Mass on […]

Beautiful Hope

I received some mail today from my thoughtful cousin. The package included an issue of Strength & Grace Devotional by Guideposts and a copy of Matthew Kelly’s book, “Beautiful Hope”. Matthew Kelly has a way of speaking and writing in a way that is meaningful, relevant, understandable, and simple. I opened the book and started […]

Last Bible Class

I signed up for my Biblical School class 4 years ago, not really knowing if I would even be able to complete the first year. After 4 years, tonight was my last class. I learned so much and my faith grew as I feel closer to God than when I started. Honestly, part of the […]

Unbelievable Race

Today my mom, sister, and I watched the Kentucky Derby. It is one of my mom’s favorite annual events. We discussed how each horse looked as they were getting ready and which one we thought would win. The result was unbelievable as the horse that wasn’t even scheduled to be in the race until yesterday […]