Chocolate and More

My sister makes an amazing toffee and has attended a couple of chocolate festivals to sell her wares. I have come up with a couple of ways to use the small bits of toffee that are left after breaking it apart for packaging. For the better part of last week, I made truffles and cookies […]

Back Outside

It is hard to believe we had a blizzard just a couple of days ago. Today there was not a cloud in the deep blue sky and the sun was warm and bright. My mom and I went out for a walk early in the day. But I needed more. I called a friend and […]

Young Mother

Today a friend and I visited a young woman who had a baby. The little guy is about 2 weeks old and so sweet. The young woman unfortunately doesn’t have the support of the father and is doing her best on her own. She lovingly held and stroked her newborn as she told us how […]

Ready for a Challenge

As I was finishing my homework for my Bible class today, I wrote about the importance of living well as a Catholic Christian and showing God’s love to others. Not less than an hour later I received a call for the opportunity to do just that in a very challenging situation. I’m now praying for […]

The Massage

For Christmas, my dad generously gave me some gift certificates to a spa. Today I was able to use one and got myself a massage. It was the most wonderful hour I have had to myself in a very long time. My body is like a noodle now, but in a good way. It felt […]

A Meaningful Moment

Today I received a picture from a friend with her family. Her son had been trying to decide what career path to follow and specifically if he wanted to join a branch of the military. The picture showed him as a new airman straight out of boot camp. He looked great with a big smile. […]

Tried To Say No

Tonight at my bible class, every person in my small group had a story about how they tried to avoid what God was calling them to do. Each one of us had an experience in which we knew God was asking us to do something. But fear or feeling inadequate made us turn in the […]