Finally Shen Yun

Three years ago my sister and I purchased tickets for Shen Yun. It was cancelled due to COVID-19. For the past three years, we have been trying to reschedule the tickets to no avail. There was always something that would deter us from going. Earlier this week, my sister told me the show was coming […]

Mission Details

Our neighbors who were on the mission trip shared more details of their experience. Here are some that most touched my heart. “The school gave us the most amazing send-off I’ve ever experienced in all of my overseas teaching opportunities… Students from several grade levels performed traditional dances while other students and several teachers sang […]

Most Energy

I had a list of errands to run today, however, our friend who usually comes to stay with mom wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it. There was a time when this would have really thrown me off. I am glad that I have learned that everything happens in God’s time, in God’s plan. My […]

Unknown Author

I saw a quote that was shared today. It was attributed to Pope Francis. After some research, I discovered it had been travelling around from quite some time and believed to be from poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), thought some disagree there too. No matter. It was a beautiful, encouraging sentiment that touched my heart and […]

Dentist Buddy

I had a dentist appointment today – one of my least favorite places to go. But it was just for a cleaning at a new office. I met the hygienist for the first time who was super nice and wanted to chat. We talked a little, then she talked and I held my mouth open […]

Real Revolution

There has been so much political advertising and opinions all culminating with the election. Today was all about the results. But that will only ramp up the propaganda and information that is thrown at us. I often think about how great it would be if all political parties could just agree on the basic fact […]

Baby Giraffe

My mom loves the zoo. Actually, we all do. A couple weeks ago, my mom and I watched the video of one of the giraffes giving birth. It was amazing and horrifying at the same time. She gave birth standing up, so the poor little thing dropped about 6 feet to the ground. Evidently, that’s […]

Free Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Center in the city has 2 free days each month. We wrote it on the calendar and talked about it this morning. My mom has not been feeling real well lately and didn’t really want to go. But after doing some exercises and getting dressed, she decided it would be good to […]

Perfect Trifecta

Today I was happy to have a few hours to myself. I scheduled the day so I would be able to spend some time in the church. I arrived just a few minutes early for the time for Confession and was actually the first one there. It was nice to have a different priest from […]

Sister’s Gift

My sister has been struggling – especially since my father’s death. She felt like she was unable to continue with the job and routine that she had, so she quit her job in hopes to start anew. Mom and I invited her to move in here to get back on track. Some weeks back, she […]