New Meaning to Sign of the Cross

Today a friend shared with me what she thinks about when she makes the sign of the cross to pray. When she marks her forehead and then her heart, she thinks about how God came down to us as Jesus. Then, when she marks each shoulder, she remembers that we are then sent out to […]

Vastness of Prayer

Before I go to bed, I try to do an examination of conscience. Tonight I prayed the Penitential Act or Confiteor: I confess to almighty Godand to you, my brothers and sisters,that I have greatly sinned,in my thoughts and in my words,in what I have done andin what I have failed to do;through my fault, […]

Sharing Caring Heart

A friend and I planned on meeting for a hike this morning. I texted her and got no response. I called and got no answer. This was not like her at all, so I got a little worried and decided to just go over to her house. She called while I was on my way […]

St. Gerard

My mom and I started watching a DVD about holy relics from saints and holy objects. This reminded me of a conversation I had with my mom the other day. As we were filling out more paperwork, I wrote both my brothers’ full names. They both have the middle name Gerard. Obviously I have known […]

Midweek Mass

A few days ago, my mom said that she wanted to go to Confession before Easter. Today was a good day to make that happen. Our church was offering the Sacrament before the noon Mass, so we arrived a little early to get in the line. While we were waiting, those gathered in the church […]

Immediate Response

My mom and I said our prayers after dinner as usual, including specific requests for specific people. We have been praying for a family member who has been trying to find a new job. As soon as we finished and my mom blew out the candle, I received a text that the person was notified […]

Consecration of Russia and Ukraine

Today was the Solemnity of the Annunciation. It was also the day Pope Francis chose to consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When Mary appeared to the children at Fatima, this was one of her requests, but it was to be done a certain way. I’m not exactly sure of the […]

With God and Others

I was pleasantly surprised when my mom said she would like to go to the parish Stations of the Cross and fish fry tonight. The prayers were the same as those I did with my friend the other day, so I felt like I was able to pray along with a little more intent. Afterwards, […]

Pray For You

A good friend of mine is a wonderful pray-er. She always has a prayer list going and is faithful about praying a rosary for those in particular need. I was surprised when we chatted a few days ago and she told me she didn’t really pray for herself. I shared part of Matthew chapter 7 […]

God’s Greatest Gift

A friend from out of town was here visiting family, so we made plans to get together. When I asked her what she wanted to do, she suggested we pray the Stations of the Cross, then go for coffee. We met up this afternoon at a local church and cried as soon as we saw […]