Responsible for Souls

Today I read a story from a beautiful friend of mine who teaches in a Catholic school. I am sharing it here for you. “This is what real love looks like.. About a week and a half ago I received a message from a friend asking for prayer. This happens often and I am most […]

Reset Again

Yesterday I remembered praying the rosary with some friends on a regular basis. I thought about how that really helped me to be more grounded in my faith. Now, since I am unable to pray in that way, I decided to try to make time to pray the rosary more often on my own. I […]

Connected by Rosary

This morning a post I wrote 6 years ago popped up on my phone. It was about meeting two friends of mine to pray the rosary, even though I would have rather slept in that morning. I have moved to another state since then. I really miss the prayer time and the faithful friendship of […]

Healing Dog

A while ago, we noticed that my brother’s dog had a funny lump on her back that seemed to be getting bigger. My brother took her to the vet who said it looked suspicious and should come off. She had surgery last week which left about a 6″ wound on her back. We have been […]

Unexpected Prayer

Today I received a quick note from a young man I worked with for a while. He was just letting me know that he was thinking of and praying for me. That really touched my heart. I Found God today in an unexpected note of prayer.

Repose of the Soul

Years ago when my mother-in-law died, I was distraught at the fact that there was no wake, no funeral, no services. I spoke to a priest friend of mine who suggested having a Mass said for her. What that means is the Sacrifice of the Mass would include a specific prayer for her soul. I […]

Progressive Prayers

I met with a group of friends from the church last night and the topic for discussion led to prayer. We talked about how we pray differently at different times – to God the Father, Jesus the Son, or the Holy Spirit, or we may ask for intercession from the Blessed Mother Mary or from […]