Our Lady Heals Again

I had been getting tired of wearing a bandage on my thumb and not being able to use it since I cut it so bad a few weeks ago. But, the doctor said it would take a long time to heal. I didn’t get a definition for exactly what “a long time” meant, so I […]

Spring 2020

This time of quiet leaves us a lot of time to ponder and reflect. A friend wrote down her thoughts from the past week and shared them with us. I thought it was a beautiful meditation worth passing along: SPRING 2020 March, with its wind, rain, and snow Has brought with itA new kind of […]

Easter in the Desert

A friend of mine has a daughter who is a Franciscan Sister. Over the years I have seen photos and videos of her. What is most evident is her joy. She has a beautiful faith that shines through her smile. The young woman is also a talented speaker and musician. My friend shared a recent […]

Medical Miracle

Last month, a friend’s mother was hospitalized with dizziness and high blood pressure. At that time, they thought she might have been on the verge of having a stroke and did plenty of testing. They found that she had markers for bone cancer and sent her home to follow up with assorted specialists. Since then, […]

Stations for Pandemic

Early in the day, we decided we wanted to pray the Stations of the Cross. So, this evening we searched online for the different options – of which there are many right now. We came across the Stations of the Cross with prayers that were specific to the current pandemic so we prayed along with […]

Praying With the Pope

The other day I learned that Pope Francis was offering a special blessing to those who would join in praying with him for an end to the pandemic. I found that EWTN would be airing the event, so my parents and I watched and participated from the living room. It was surreal to see Pope […]

Bells and Angelus

Yesterday we received an email from the pastor of our parish talking about hosting live events today being the Solemnity of the Annunciation. He would celebrate Mass and share it on social media. Also, the church rings the bells every day at noon to announce the time to pray the Angelus. Today the priest would […]