Sun and Holy Spirit

Today is Pentecost. In church, the priest talked about how the Holy Spirit can help any and all people who ask. He compared it to the sun. When I go outside, I love the warm sun on my face. When my mom and I walk and the sun is shining, she always comments on how […]

Much to Celebrate

When my dad had his last PET scan done, they found a small lesion in the back of his head in the fluid between the brain and the skull. His doctor ordered an MRI to take another look which he had done last week. The other day we had an appointment with the doctor to […]

Positive Prayers

When my parents and I attended the healing Mass a couple of months ago, we received some small containers of water from Lourdes. The other day when my friend was anointed, I gave him a bottle and encouraged him to start using it. His surgery was yesterday and I waited anxiously to hear how things […]

Excellent Health News

A while ago, during my dad’s unexpected hospital visit one of the tests discovered a tumor on my dad’s pancreas. Since then, we have been praying to Our Lady of Lourdes and blessing ourselves with holy water. My dad has been putting his share on his stomach where the pancreas is located. He has had […]

Not Failing Lent

I have been doing my best to do Lent well. I always have good intentions at the beginning and am determined to pray and fast without fail. Unfortunately,  I have not been as perfect as my intentions would have me to be. A particular meditation video that I watched this morning really hit my heart. […]

Praying Like an Angel

Today in church, a woman whom I had met before and her young son came and sat at the end of our row. After I received Communion, I headed back to my seat. The woman was behind me, but her son had already made his way back into the row. He was kneeling with his […]

Another St. Anthony Answer

Yesterday I talked with a friend who lost a very precious rosary. I told her the story of when my son lost his rosary. He was about 9 years old and had brought it to school. He went through every pocket in his backpack and again when we got home. It was not to be […]