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Experience of God

I was talking with a group of people tonight about “feeling” God or the Holy Spirit. One man said that he didn’t ever “feel” God in his life. He knew about God. He is a faithful church goer and reads the Bible. He is very involved in the church and believes in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. He does his best to be a good man. It is clear by his actions and the wisdom he has that God certainly is a part of him. But he has never “felt” God’s presence. As the conversation went on, people explained how they experienced God in their lives. Some people had a feeling of God, some had more knowledge, but it was different for each. We concluded that whether you have an intense awareness of the presence of God, or if you have a more knowledge of Him, it is imperative to trust in Him and have faith. We are all different people and have different experiences. But God isn’t different. He doesn’t change. He does work in the lives of people who trust in His love, care, and plan for our lives.

I Found God today in the different ways people experience Him.

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